Hi lovelies! The second installment of my Zaful series is going to be about all things swimwear! As the warmer months of the year slowly approach, we’ll dive deep into the upcoming trends for swimwear you can find at Zaful*.

Classic two piece swimsuits will always be an option but for the next summer season, the styles and different details are endless. From triangular bikini bras to rectangular bandeaus, or high-waisted bottoms to normal ones with laced up sides, you name it! Check all the models by doing click.

I’m loving the amount of style this section has so it was so hard to pick just two favorites, but I did it! The first one is sexy and badass, it has rose embroidery that are still popular among the new trends, and the second one is super feminine because of the florals, but what caught my eye is the bandeau bra because I haven’t seen that a lot.

(As usual click on the image to go to the product)

If you’re an onesie kind of girl, my personal recommendation is the beautiful pink one piece swimsuits they offer. Channel your inner Kim Kardashian in this nude-pink swimsuit and show off your figure unapologetically.

And the award for the most adorable pink swimsuit is for this gorgeous deep plunging neck babe with the cutest ruffle details in the waist. The whole silhouette of this piece is extremely flattering for any body type. Think it’s too sweet for you? Don’t worry, the backless side is a guaranteed wow factor. There are also pink one pieces with designs and patters, see more.

Is it a crop top? Is it a bikini? It’s a crop top bikini! Cool, new, trendy and stylish. Proof that bikinis now are more versatile than ever. Yellow as the sun, this bikini screams summer 2018. The second one has a slight sporty vibe in my opinion, and it’s super sexy. Dark florals and a crossed neck make a unique and trendy swimsuit. Find more crop top bikinis here!

Vintage-inspired swimwear in Zaful mixes trendy patters with retro shapes, or if you’re a pin up girl at heart you can find full retro looks in both, prints and silhouettes. I picked one of each style, for example, the first one has a bustier kind of bikini bra with a high-waisted bottom. However, the print is totally 2018!

The second one is 50’s classic in full: a one piece bathing suit with black and white gingham top and halter neck plus total black bottoms. Pin up summer at its best! Check their vintage swimwear category for many more. 🙂

Hope you liked this second roundup of Zaful, lovelies! Which bikini did you like the most?



Images courtesy of Zaful