You don’t have to spend a fortune to look a million dollars. Fashion is a creative art, and it’s possible to achieve a majorly high-end look on a shoestring.

Here are some great tips to give you some inspiration.

Know what’s hot right now

If you’re going to get the look on the cheap, you need to be familiar with the looks that are gracing the catwalks. Get to know the fashion trends. Work out what shaped sunglasses are in, or what length skirts are being worn by the celebs right now. Armed with this invaluable inspiration, you’ll know what to hunt for when you’re getting thrifty.

Mix ‘n Match

To achieve a truly premium look, don’t be afraid to mix expensive pieces with cheaper items. For example, if you treat yourself to an amazing pair of designer jeans, buddy them up with a high-street t-shirt and some vintage necklaces. No-one will be able to tell which item came from the flea market and which one from the designer store!

Source: Nordstrom

Embrace second-hand clothing

Second-hand doesn’t have to mean tatty or unwashed. There are some amazing ‘barely-worn’ items on auction sites like eBay, or alternatively, get browsing in your local charity store or vintage market. Major advantages include – having pieces that are unique and stand out from the crowd, and you’ll earn some serious eco-kudos too.

Make the rest of you sparkle

If your skin is glowing and your hair is shiny, you could probably get away with wearing a fashionably styled bin-bag (though I don’t recommend it). Make sure you indulge in some regular skin-care sessions; with face-masks, toning lotion, exfoliator and moisturiser. Treat your hair to a special mask every week (preferably one that contains some super-moisturising ingredient like coconut or argon oil). And of course, get into the habit of undertaking a daily skin- and haircare regime.

Hunt for bargains

That doesn’t mean going wild in the sales – though of course, if you see the perfect dress for a major discount, you should definitely treat yourself. Look for shops that offer great quality fashion items for a reasonable price. The same applies for cosmetics, accessories and perfumes. Sites like Copycat Fragrances* mean you can get the designer scent, minus the cost.

Source: CopyCat

Keep it simple

If you don’t want to keep having to buy clothes to keep up with the changing fashions, go for timeless pieces instead. I’m talking simple block colours rather than patterns (which go in and out of fashion quickly). Unfussy cuts, rather than ruffles and cut-out sections. Straight-leg, rather than skinny or flare. You get the idea!

You can then transform these ‘base’ items with a few cheaper accessories, to bring the look right into the modern day.

Source: Fashion Best

Enjoy it!

Once you get in the swing of getting thrifty, you’ll soon become addicted. Sure, it’s great to have a few beautiful designer items in your wardrobe, but it’s also amazing to find a one-of-a-kind scarf at a market, or a vintage handbag online. Mix and match to your heart’s content, and have fun with it.