LBDs, or little black dresses, have been a staple in every woman’s wardrobe for decades. This single piece holds so much meaning in fashion, and it’s far from being boring and plain. On the contrary, it’s elegant and iconic.


For centuries, black dresses were associated to widows or mourning. It all changed in the last century, when the iconic designer Coco Chanel introduced little black dresses as part of daily wear and not reserved for funerals only. Her designs showed women they can look classy and elegant with these dresses and adopt them as part of their wardrobes.

Fast forward from the 20’s to the 60’s, the also iconic Audrey Hepburn wore a gorgeous LBD at the beginning of «Breakfast at Tiffany’s» and that was enough for the dress to become a new classic.


Black dresses ended up having such an important spot in fashion mainly because of their versatility. There is a LBD for every woman, because they come in every style: classic, modern, rocker, boho, sporty, business, modest, sexy.. You name it.

They’re also universally flattering: no matter your age, your body shape, or skin color, a black dress is the safest choice if you want to look good. It has the power of making you look slimmer, and if you play with necklines, fabrics and silhouettes, you can find a LBD that makes you look your best.

They work for pretty much every ocassion. It doesn’t matter if you’re going clubbing, having a business meeting, hanging out with your friends or even going to a freakin’ award show, there’s a LBD for each of those ocassions -literally.

There was an old etiquette rule that said you couldn’t wear black for a wedding, but the newest generations are blurring that line more and more. I’ve seen wedding guests in black and they look elegant. I mean guys, from the day brides started wearing black wedding gowns I think that etiquette rule stopped being relevant.


As for my newest LBD addition, it came from Femmeluxe* and it quickly became my new fave. I had already worn another black dress from them in this post, which is gorgeous and super flattering as well. They have lots of trendy and sexy LBD designs so check them out, you might find «your one»!! 🙂



Ph: Robert Howells

Dress: Femmeluxe* – Shoes: Topshop via LoveTheSales* – Necklace: Claire via LoveTheSales*