Hi lovelies! I wanted to write a slightly different type of post today, something more personal and real. As a fashion blogger in today’s day and age, where the next big thing is the obsession of many… why do I keep repeating my clothes?

If you’ve been around for a while, I’m sure you’re already familiar with some items I own and you see them here and there in many of my posts. Yes, I’m «guilty» of repeating my clothes and accessories quite often. It only takes one scroll through my Instagram to spot the same crossbody bag or sneakers two rows apart.


For ages, that has been something I was very self-aware of, and it conditioned my outfit choices every time I knew I was going to have my picture taken. I didn’t want people to notice that me, as a fashion blogger, would repeat my clothes THAT often.

I got rid of that stigma when I realised how stupid it was. It didn’t help that the successful bloggers I followed (and still do) never seem to repeat even a freaking sweatshirt lol. Their feeds are cramped with fashion inspiration I LOVE -but unfortunately for most of us mortals out there, a type of inspo too hard to achieve AND mantain.

With the time, I learnt it’s okay to show the same grey crossbody bag that I got back in 2016. The high bar from which bloggers are judged is merely a social construct, and there’s a big chunk of people who, like me, appreciate the «realness» and authenticity as much as a beautifully curated feed.

MONEY (or the lack of, lol)

Let me give you an even wider context. Life in Argentina is real tough, and I can’t afford to get new clothes every week or month, no matter how much I love fashion. The clothes I have were either given to me via collabs or carefully bought by me only after thinking in the many ways that particular item can be worn. Women pants*, especially jeans, are the one thing I always buy myself because the fit has to be perfect and jeans tend to be quite tricky. 🙂

It’s true that if I happen to have a lot of money to spend in clothes and accessories, trying to keep myself away from splurging in fashion would be harder. However, if you can spend in fashion I’d suggest spend in quality items that will last forever and speak to your personal sense of style, instead of only answering to a certain trend demand. 🙂 (Again, no hate to fashion victims lol we’ve all been there).


Also, I believe that we as a society are waking up and questioning more stuff than ever before, and one of those questions we rose in the last few years was how dangerous fast fashion can be for our planet. I’m still in the process of learning, and whenever I consume from fast fashion brands I make sure those items are worn over and over again (hence this post of me saying why I won’t stop repeating my clothes haha).

Don’t get me wrong, please. Any of this comes from a place of jealousy (hence me still following and supporting these bloggers I described above), nor I am a hater of those who can afford different outfits every week. More than anything, this whole thought and post come from personal learning. A conclusion I reached after years of comparing myself (and my wardrobe) to those who have a total different lifestyle than me. It comes from a place where I want to remind you all that comparisons are useless, however we all fall for them at some point.

Basically this is just a little reminder for you, my dear readers, that repeating our clothes and accessories is not only normal but also the best thing we can do for our planet. That us, smaller bloggers, are here trying to show you different ways to re-wear that same item 🙂 And if you’re a small blogger reading this, don’t ever feel «less» for repeating your favorite pair of jeans. Because fashion is not always about the next big thing or the newest trend. That’s the fun and glitzy part, but there’s also a more realistic part that should be equally praised and seen. <3