Deborah Ferrero Style by Deb

Last Sunday I woke up to a lovely post-Christmas winter wonderland. The second I saw the snow I knew exactly what outfit will look the cutest for this blogpost: white sweater dress + thigh-high boots.

It was my first time wearing this cozy and stylish Miss Selfridge white sweater dress I got for Christmas. The fabric is not itchy at all -quite the opposite, it feels soft and warm.

The dress looked crispy-white, just like the snow outside. I like the non-traditional shape in the shoulder area, almost oversized, only to change dramatically around the elbow and get tighter. It’s a pretty cool effect.

Then, you already met my Boohoo thigh-high boots on Halloween. I love them because the heels are not tall and uncomfortable, so I can wear them with every type of outfit.

My H&M sailor’s hat from previous seasons is still one of my favs, and I think it added a cooler touch than a predictable wide-trim hat. And I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this Primark coat before too. 🙂

I’m so happy we managed to do these photos because they’re now on top 10 favorite photoshoots ever. Snow simply makes everything prettier! Did it snow where you guys live?



style by deb wearing white sweater dress
sailor's hat snow primark coat deborah ferrero
deborah ferrero style by deb thigh high boots
style by deb boohoo thigh high boots
deborah ferrero white sweater dress thigh high boots
white sweater dress miss selfridge
deborah ferrero style by deb snow
deborah ferrero style by deb sweater dress
ootd snow thigh high boots style by deb white dress
deborah ferrero shein belt
primark coat boohoo boots miss selfridge style by deb

Ph: Robert Howells

Sweater dress: Miss Selfridge – Boots: Boohoo – Hat: H&M – Belt: SheInCoat: Primark