Coincidence or not, two weeks ago I got engaged to the love of my life and now I’m writing a wedding post. But before my boyfriend, oops sorry, fiancé looks at this post and ask me to chill a bit, I have to say on my defense that every now and then I write about occasion wear such as weddings, proms or formal events. This is one of those times, I swear, lol.

Truth is, now more than ever, I love browsing through different stores to check all the latest designs in bride dresses, and when I found Angrila, I couldn’t resist bookmarking many of their options! Not only for me (bride-to-be, as insane as it sounds), but also checking the mother dresses section and of course, for the guests (not that I will dictate what they wear, just as inspiration).

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In a sea of gorgeous designs, my picks represent four big styles for different brides-to-be.


Sheer and appliques will always sexy and glamorous, for a confident woman who embraces her figure and actually owns being the center of attention. The back of the dress only has some sheer fabric, leaving the right amount of skin to be sexy but never vulgar.

Boho Chic

Yeah, not beach kind of boho or wedding in the forest kind of boho. My version of bohemian is still slightly chic, and this dress embodies that. The lace long sleeve top gives a romantic touch while the flowy relaxed skirt takes off the severity of a formal dress and isntaed adds a young fresh vibe.


Ethereal, traditional and 100% feminine. This pricess-y dress has the most beautiful skirt with layers and layers of tulle (and a lovely visible hem that shows the end of every layer). The top has beading details and the off-the-shoulder tulle sleeves makes it actually quite trendy.


For the modern yet girl bride-to-be I chose a two piece set, with a jewel neck crop top covered entirely with an intricate lace paired with an A line tulle skirt.


Classic designs, neutral or jewel tones, some sparkling beading here and there of lace. The mother of the bride section is a mix of timeless style and sophistication.


As guests vary a lot in terms of age and style, I picked three different options: classy and modern, elegant and classic, and cute and young.

I hope you liked all these options babes, and don’t forget to check for more! And if you want some quick inspo, click on the video below to see the latest trends on Bridal dresses with actual gowns from Angrila! 🙂



All images courtesy of Angrila