Hi lovelies! I’m happy to share with you a new lifestyle post today 🙂 more specifically, a Decor post! I had the pleasure to collaborate with VeryVez*, an Easy store that makes makes the coolest wall art quotes and prints in the UK! <3 I can’t wait to tell you about the lovely experience I had with the brand. Keep reading!

A few months ago before I temporarily moved to the UK I stumbled upon VeryVez on Instagram and I loved all their Pinterest-perfect wall art feed. And yes, like all of us I fell in love with wall art THANKS to Pinterest 😉 Anyway, when I arrived to London my parcel was already waiting for me. Three cute prints that I picked to make my new home feel more like home, if that makes sense. The first thing I noticed was the great quality of the paper and the overall product, in fact. Delivery was fast (great for almost last-minute presents) and the founder of VeryVez, Vicky, was one of the sweetest people I dealt with in the history of Style by Deb. I feel like a VeryVez review wouldn’t be complete without highlighting that. Vicky started this business while being a stay at home mum (major respect for that <3) and the name of her business was actually inspired by her daughter’s name. So guys, this post is not only about how good VeryVez prints are, it’s also about shouting out to a lovely girl boss and mum who runs her business super professionally and cares about her customers.

Now, as for the prints, okay, the first one is a nice typography print that says ‘Home» -that’s probably my favourite one of the three, that’s why I picked it first. When you move to a new country, the word Home has like a new meaning or connotation, you know? The design is not corny, tho, and that’s what I loved about this print. It’s simple, modern and looks super cool in your well, home. 😉

«All you need is love and a cat«. That quote screams Deborah. Being the big cat lover that I am, I couldn’t NOT having that frame in my house. Plus serves like a little reminder to my boyfriend that I kinda want a cat. Like, now. I’ve got love, now I need the cat! haha, okay now seriously speaking, this cute quote is written in a lovely font and is now proudly shown in my side of the room. Whether you’re a future cat lady or you feel like a sexy catwoman, you need this frame in your life.

Last but not least, I thought my bf’s kitchen needed a bit of color so I picked this Oranges print. Cute vibrant color (I’m sorry it looks different in certain pics) and funky design. Fun fact: when my bf received this in his work (I wasn’t in the UK yet) one of his workmates told him that I picked two halves of oranges because we in Spanish say «mi media naranja» to our «other halves», as in a romantic way. I don’t know where does that come from and I certainly don’t know if VeryVez print has something to do with that but hell, that’s two birds in one stone! I’m adding something kitchen-related to my boyfriend’s kitchen AND being subtly romantic at the same time! lol.

All in all, I truly enjoyed being part of this collaboration with VeryVaz. She’s based in the UK but she ships worldwide, so guys, there are no excuses, you’ll find fashion prints, clever and humorous quotes, hipster designs, romantic and wedding quotes, children and nursery, motivational and all-things-home, all of it at great prices. Check it out, lovelies!!!