If life has brought you to Singapore, you are in for a real treat! This beautiful island is home to so much, and it is a brilliant place to live with a special place in the hearts of many who choose to live there. However, there are some things you might need to adjust to depending on where you have come from. Here are some tips to help you better adjust to life in Singapore.


The first big difference that you need to be aware of is the change in weather. Singapore does not have changing seasons like other parts of the world. For those who are used to a more temperate climate, things might be a little difficult to adjust to in Singapore. The climate is pretty constant throughout the year, but it can be hard to get used to the humidity at first.

However, you just need to push through as much as you can! After a while, you will have completely adjusted to the humidity. Remember that Singapore also has lots of air-conditioning. No matter where you go, you should find that the inside of any building you visit is cool and welcoming. A good air conditioning unit will definitely make things much easier to handle when living here!


There is no shortage of apartments and other types of places to live in Singapore, and you will be able to find a great place to live no matter what your budget might be. With neighbourhoods a plenty, you should be able to find the perfect place for you. You could live with other members of your expat community, or a vibrant Singaporean neighbourhood.

One of the best things about living in Singapore is their amazing public transport network. You will find that you can quickly get wherever you need to be, whether you are going by bus or using the MRT. This, of course, then means that you are able to find plenty of places to stay in that are located close to an MRT station. Whether you want to find the ideal space to rent near Boon Keng MRT, Woodlands, or any of the other locations within the city.

This means that you could feasibly live anywhere on the island and still be able to travel around with ease. The whole of Singapore is open to you, so explore and find a unique place to live that is perfect for you!


Moving abroad does have its difficulties, and one of the major ones will be a language barrier. This is not a problem for English speakers when they move to Singapore! This is a lingua franca here, and you will find that nearly everyone you meet speaks English. Everything official is also done in English, so it can be much easier for you to set things up if you need to open a bank account or take care of anything else that requires documentation.

The English spoken in Singapore is based on British English, so if you are from another English-speaking country you might want to look up some of the differences between this and your own dialect.

However, there are plenty of other languages spoken in Singapore. In addition to Mandarin, Malay, and other languages, there is a form of English known as Singlish. Make sure you pick up a few key phrases in Singlish so that you are able to blend in with locals as quickly as possible!


Singapore is a real mixing pot of different cultures, so that – of course – means that there are some brilliant offers of food available! If you are keen to explore and find some new treats to eat, you are going to be spoiled for choice here.

One of the best places to go for a taste of everything the city has to offer is to one of the many hawker markets. These are open-air centres where you can go and purchase dishes from a variety of stalls. You will always find a wide variety of food from many different nations around the world – including the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred meal!

If you want to have a taste of home, you should have no issue grabbing something from one of the many supermarkets around town. Prepare to pay a premium for them though – since they have to be imported this will be reflected in a high price!

Singapore is a great place to live, and is home to so many amazing opportunities. Whether you are there for just a few months or you are settling for the rest of your life, you will discover an incredible city with a lot to offer its citizens. Jump in feet first, and start to live like a local Singaporean.

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