Second and last installment of my Christmas special this year! In part one I shared the 20 best Christmas food ideas I gathered from Pinterest, and the post also included a directory of previous years’ festive posts with inspiration for drinks, nail art, music, gift wrapping, table setting and more, you can check it all out HERE.

At first I was determined to make another Nail Art post because is one of my favorites and also cause there’s always tons of ideas for festive manis. But then I realized I’ve never done a Christmas makeup post!! After so mani years and so many specials, why I never came up with that idea?! But that’s easily fixed: here I’m sharing some great ideas to include on your Christmas look.

I’ve seen it all in this search: the infamous Christmas tree/eyebrow trend, candy cane lips, the design of a gingerbread cookie hanging from the eyeliner, a whole Christmas village painted in an eyelid and well, you get the idea. Some of my picks were classic, some edgier, some sexy. I feel I different styles for everyone 🙂

1.Gold glitter at its best, the sexiest cat eyeliner but with a trendy cut crease and deep red lips. This look mixes classic and sexy. (

2. A gorgeous look created with metallic shades of red and burgundy, going darker to the edges with maroon and copper shades. Beautiful light burgundy lips to keep the focus in the eyes. (

3. There’s something super sexy about satin textures and this emerald green is no exception. Tone down the edges blending them with just a bit of neutral coffee tones and give light to your eyes with a hint of champagne in the tear ducts. (@denitslava)

4. Time for the first edgy option. This look is almost a runway-kind-of-look but a good fashionista can totally pull it off. It consists in a mix of copper, rose gold and satin cranberry tones and a crazy splash of rose gold glitter in the inner corners, blending it with gold in under the bottom lashes and finishing in gold at the outer corners of the eyes. (

5. Another classic yet sexy look, but instead of glitter gold she chose a liquid metallic gold, dramatic lashes and deep burgundy matte lipstick. A fool-proof winner! (

6. For some reason this eye makeup makes me think of frost and snow. The clever use of a main cold tone mixed with warm tones in the crease is perfectly combined with glitter in the middle of the lid that simulates the snow falling. 🙂 I found it clever, beautiful and still very festive without relying too much on the classics. (

7. This bold look focuses on red as its primary color. They play with satin all over the eye and red glitter in the centre of the lid. Gold is the obvious choice for the pop of light in the inner corner of the eye and a think eyeliner right in above the lashes complete the look. (

8. Loving this über classy look with gold, caramel and sand colors. Shimmery shades on the top, full glitter on the bottom, this eye makeup idea is elegant but far from boring. (

9. When I saw the obvious warm undertones of this whole makeup I could only think of a beachy Christmas, like the ones in South America and Australia (because it’s summer in this side of the world). Sometimes, colors like burgundy look too dark for summertime so this orange-red lipstick comes perfect for a festive look in hot temperatures! (

10. Now, this look might be a little bit too much at first, but we can’t deny it looks gorgeous. Most people choose to focus the attention of either the eyes or the lips, but what if you want both this Christmas? Try foil gold and a mix of ochre brown for the eyes (plus full doll eyelashes for double impact) and deep plum lips. (

11. Last minute festive look anyone? I got you covered: just get a green metallic or glitter eyeliner and flaunt your best dramatic cat eye. A little bit of sandy gold in the crease is all you’ll need to complement this look. (

12. If you’re tired of the classic options, you can always try this bold look. Combine two shades of green in the eyelid and underline above the bottom lashes with red eyeshadow. If that’s not festive enough for you, add “frosty lips”: a pearl-whiteish-baby-pink lipstick (I just created the name of that color? Lol) will do the trick. (

13. The classic of the clasics, even more than the first one. This is perfect if you want to play safe. It’s not risky and it’s universally flattering. Just apply gold glitter eyeshadow in all the eyelid, add light under the eyebrow bow with a slightly shimmery champagne gold, and give structure with a timeless cat eye. XXL lashes will make you look extra sexy. For the lips, get the classic perfect red, not orange-y red, not deep red, just the purest red lipstick you can find. (

14. Warm shades all the way round: caramel, tan, blush and soft orange. They all blend gloriously for a vixen eye look and the cherry on top is a shimmery metallic sharp eyeliner. I’d use it with nude lips and for a very sexy Christmas. 😉 (pinkprpcorrn-tumblr)

15. We’ve seen metallic lipsticks on the rise lately, including gold lipstick. If you don’t use it now, when? Don’t be shy and get a liquid gold on your lips combined with more gold in the eyes. Even your foundation should look like golden Aussie sand! You’re banned from using anything matte in this look. Just shine! (

16. Green glitter eyeshadow can look way more glamourous than it sounds. Cover the entire lid with this color and just like we’ve seen above, soften the edges of the crease with tan shades. A sexy eyeliner and falsies will make this eye makeup less costume-y and more real life, if that worries you. On the lips, a beautiful deep red with a tiny bit of light on the centre to give more dimension (you can achieve this by applying a bit of concealer in the middle of the lips and blend it, then apply your lipstick normally). (

17. This sexy look combines red and gold as its main colors, but with the difference that the red shades won’t stick only to the lips but also the eyes. She cleverly applied gold glitter in the lid and draw a line in the crease with a reddish cranberry color, blending it with warm tones until it reaches the eyebrow bow. Then add more red to the lips and voilá! Sensual and classic! (

18. If you’re feeling a bit experimental this year, try using a stain red and burgundy palette to cover the lids, outer corners and under the eyes. The rest of the eyes is pretty natural: no eyeliner or false eyelashes. But the detail that sets this look apart is applying tiny gold stars sequins starting above the eyebrow and continuing to the inner corner of the eye. (

19. If playing with eyeshadows is not your thing, just apply a pearly champagne tone all over the lid but focus in the eyeliner: practice your best cat eye and once you got it, add a second eyeline with gold, starting in the middle and following the black eyeline to the little tale. Under the eye you also apply a line starting from the tear duct and finishing it in the middle. This gorgeous look is perfect if you don’t want to go over the top yet you want an element of surprise. (@vegas_nay)

20. Last but not least, this classic look plays with a darker gold with satin finish, a smudged simple eyeline in black, full eyelashes and glossy cherry red lips. Finally, a healthy luminous skin will match the eyeshadow game and make you glow. (

Hope you liked these suggestions and try some on your own. Let me know which one is your favorite!