Hi babes! We all know the impact that the right shapewear items can do for us. For the first time, younger women are willingly giving in to the wonders of shapewear and the industry keeps growing.

Decades ago, shapewear was a not-so-proud secret from 40-something women, but now even the most popular influencer in the world, Kim Kardashian, not only admits wearing it for every red carpet event but also owns a shapewear company herself.

Body shaper undergarments take a hot dress to bombshell levels because they target your needs, whether by lifting up the butt, giving you tummy control or sculpting the thighs.

I highly recommend knowing all the types of shapewear available out there so that you can take a proper decision. I had previously written a very informative Beginner’s Guide to Shapewear (plus glossary!) and more tips about How to Pick the Right Shapewear, both are posts that will help you understand the world of body shapers better.

With Valentine’s Day two weeks away, you might wanna know which is the best shapewear for bodycon dresses, which are always the trickiest ones as they’re tight and show off all your curves. Butt lifter shaper shorts are a great option, of if you’re looking for more control then a seamless mid-control bodysuit could be the best choice.

All in all, the right shapewear can give you a boost of confidence and make you feel in control, sexy or simply help you looking even more gorgeous for special occasions.

Check companies like Cosmolle shapewear for a variety of options and quality and, who knows, maybe at the end up wondering how have you lived without body shapers so far?! Either way it’s always worth a try. 😉