Following my first instalment of Style by Deb’s Christmas Special, I gathered for this post my best findings on Christmas healthy trays (many of veggie!) and the cutest Oreo pops. If you want to check out some other easy Christmas treats click HERE, you’ll find a great variety of treats, desserts, drinks and more.

As you know, my main source of inspiration is the always creative Pinterest, but I’m not only talking about Holiday inspiration but everything in general! Fashion, photography, traveling, interior decoration, etc. Speaking of the latter, it was thanks to Pinterest that I discovered a great website called High End Curtain that makes exactly that, high quality curtains with thousands of patterns to choose from and different fabrics. There are many styles such as elegant, nursery, modern, vintage, shabby chic and more. Give it a look if you enjoy interior deco like me and love any item that fits my style and personality!

Now, before we jump into the pictures I wanted to explain why I particularly chose to include trays and pops in this post. Basically, I’ve been covering food in general for a while now and the things that caught my attention this year was the great range of inspiration of these two lovely and easy treats:


I think trays are the perfect starter or appetizer for a nice Christmas dinner:

  • They’re so easy to make, they can quickly look festive depending on the arrangement (Santa face, a wreath, a snowman, a Christmas tree…)
  • If you have children it can be also a fun and creative way to incorporate vegetables to the table. You can all make them AND eat them later! <3
  • What of you like in a warm country like me, where it’s too hot for big heavy meals? Light fresh veggie trays to the rescue!
  • Or simply if you’re a healthy person or you’re on a diet –nothing can be less harmful than vegetables!
  • You can add your favorite sauces too for extra fun and flavor 🙂



So, this has been a big favorite from a long time for me. I once did Halloween Oreo pops and people loved it.

  • The good thing about these pops is that YOU set the difficulty of their making and decoration based on your skills, as in, if you’re not very patient or skilled for making reindeer faces on an Oreo, you can simply cover them in green and red sprinkles, or crushed candy cane.
  • You don’t need to bake!
  • The only thing that takes time for these treats is the decoration.
  • You can let your creativity run free and make all the designs your skills let you!

I hope you liked all these ideas! Check out my Christmas board on Pinterest for more inspo! Do you have any signature dish or treat for the Holidays? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear that!!