06 - ourunexpectedjourney

Well, the countdown for Christmas has officially begun! Being the huge Christmas junkie that I am, I prepared a fun series for the blog where I’ll be basically sharing weekly all-things-Holidays for a month based on my findings on Pinterest. On my first installment, I want to share some cute DIY décor ideas!

Pinterest seems to be like the ultimate social network for us, Holiday hardcore fans. You can find tons and tons of inspiration in one single place, and surprisingly, you can find people who have an even major ‘Christmas disorder’ than you! From glasses to fridges, pinecones to pillows, apparently in Pinterest every single item of your house can be used for Christmas decoration purposes, literally.


Candy cane wreaths (The wow style)

01 - the wow style

Bottles or jars covered with decorative balloons (Noted List)

02 - Noted List - Cover Bottles or Jars with Decorative Balloons

Framed Christmas tree entirely made of ornaments (Dishfunctional designs)

03 - dishfunctional designs

Sparkling branches (Gleam it up)

04 - gleam it up

Festive fridge (Brittany Estes) – Let’s go crazy, hell yeah!

05 - brittany estes

Monogrammed door wreaths (Our unexpected journey)

06 - ourunexpectedjourney

Painted mason jars (The frugal homemaker)

07 - the frugal homemaker - Painted Mason Jars for Christmas, red & white and candy cane painted jars

Dollar store boxes, ribbon and candleholders centerpiece (Inspiring Homestyle)

08 - inspiringhomestyle-Dollar store boxes, ribbon and candleholders centrepiece

Glittery bottles (Woohome)

09 - woohome

Fake chimney made of cardboard boxes (Our modern family)

10 - your modern family

Snowman countdown (Christmas 365 Greetings)

11 - christmas 365 greetings

Picture Frame Wreath (The finishing touch)

12 - The finishing touch - Picture Frame Wreath

Handmade Christmas trees (Shauna Mailloux)

13 - shaunamailloux

Find stencils (faith, hope, joy, etc) and dab with fabric paint (The girl creative)

14 - the girl creative - find stencils faith, hope, joy, etc and dab with fabric paint

Christmas garlands (Vicky Barone)

15 - vicky barone

Lightbulb snowman (Country Woman Magazine)

16 - country woman magazine - lightbulb snowman

Mini Christmas Trees made of painted pine cones (Scissors and spoons)

17 - sissors and spoons

Elegant centerpieces (POPsugar)

18 - popsugar

Santa hat chair covers (Deeply Web)

19 - diply web - Santa Hat Chair Covers

Ornament wreath (Es la moda)

20 - es la moda

Which one is your favorite? Would you dare to do some DIY for this Christmas?

One more thing: my second guest post for Lookastic in now live on the site! The good news? This time I wrote it for both sites, the English and the Spanish one so you can check it in your language