Seamless undies. Literally one of the best inventions since slide bread. This «appreciation post» sponsored by Shapellx* goes to all the seamless underwear and shapewear that occupy a shy but crucial spot on that fabulous outfit that made heads turn. 😉

The very first time I tried seamless briefs on I couldn’t comprehend how I lived without them before! Obviously, I only wear them on special ocassions when I’m wearing a fitting dress, skirt or jumpsuit. And they always deliver.


No matter your size, seamless undies can be found for every body type, no different from plus size shapewear and underwear. But once you try it, you start feeling the benefits and advantages of seamless garments.

  1. No panty lines (duh): The main reason of their existance. No matter what you put on that day, no one will be able to see any seam coming from your underwear, and that gives you a sense of control and security over your outfit.
  2. Comfort: Another great advantage I find when wearing seamless undies is the comfort the fabric gives me. They’re usually made of nylon yarn, polyester yarn, spandex yarn, cotton yarn, etc. These are usually really soft, don’t irritate the skin, and not restrictive.
  3. Breathable: Seamless modern technology is known for design extra comfortable as well as breathable garments. The air movement is far better than any other garment due to its visual health and fitness.
  4. Stretchy: Seamless undergarment stretches in all directions and also sticks to the body like a second skin. If you’re an athlete, this allows you to perform at your best adding agility.
  5. Eco-friendly: There are currently a great deal of underwear that are also eco-friendly. Some panties are made from bamboo fibers, are recyclable, machine washable, hypo allergenic, and moisture absorbent.
  6. Flexibility of motion: There is more elasticity compared to traditional undies. They allow the body parts to relocate with freedom, and considering that there is no joint, the structure of the seamless clothing is never ever an issue.

If you’re looking for garments to boost your confidence in a more permanent way, you could consider a waist trainer to help you with shaping your waist while working underneath your clothes.

If you’re unsure of what the right shapewear is for you, you can always consult THIS POST or check my shapewear glossary HERE.