Thai Kosai has recently opened a new branch in Holborn, London, and I was kindly invited to review their massage therapy.

I’m a big fan of massages -I mean, who isn’t, right? So I quickly jumped into this collaboration with Thai Kosai as it would be the first time I’d be trying a traditional Thai massage and I was very curious.

Thai Kosai’s currently has two branches in Central London: one in Spitalfields and their latest addition, the one in Holborn. I visited the latter and it felt like discovering an oasis in the middle of the city chaos.

To be honest, part of that chaos I brought it myself when I arrived slightly late to my appoitment after getting lost finding the right bus (long story). However, the staff was super kind and never once I felt I was being rushed. From the receptionist to the massage specialist, they had the loveliest, calming energy and quickly swifted me into a relaxing mood.

Thai Kosai offers a range of massages such as Thai aromatherapy, Traditional Thai, Thai Deep Tissue, Thai Combination, Head, neck, back and shoulder, Foot massage and Four Hands massage. I was booked for a Thai Combination Massage, which combines techniques of Thai traditional and deep tissue massage.

The massage rooms are all downstairs. It’s like starting to submerge into a deep and relaxing dream. Each room has a lovely warm temperature and overall ambiance, with traditional relaxing music in the background.

During those 60 minutes, this full body massage covered literally from the tip of my toes to the beginning of my hairline. It included some beautifully smelling oils and a perfectly measured medium pressure (the one I chose).

The massage therapist asked me beforehand which area should we target specifically, if any. I chose the shoulders/neck area because that’s where I can physically feel the stress and it’s also affected by my posture when using my laptop.

This deep tissue portion of the treatment targeted the Thai acupressure points and muscle knots with firmer pressure to ease aches and pains. You can almost physically feel those knots dissolving, it’s crazy!

Once the deep tissue part of the massage is over, there’s a super smooth transition to the traditional Thai part. This was the biggest novelty for me as I’ve never had massages where there’s some stretching involved. And oh boy, my body needed it.

The stretching was focused on legs, arms and neck, and it kind of took me back to the year I did yoga in a way. Basically, it’s been 8 years since my poor body wasn’t properly stretched and I’d definitely encourage anyone to try this type of massage at least once.

I was left in heaven after the massage finished. The soft and gentle handling of the massage therapy was divine and always super professional. I’m so happy to have tried a whole new type of massage thanks to Thai Kosai, and I definitely feel like I’m coming back for more.

Their Holborn branch is located in 53 Theobalds Road, London WC1X 8SP. Or if you’re around the Spitafields area, you can find them at 5 Toynbee Street, London E1 7NE. Can’t recommend them enough! <3



*PR invite