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When we think of Spring we automatically think of fun colors and bright shades filling our wardrobes, right? But wouldn’t it be cool to extend that also to our eyeglasses?

Warby Parker is a company that specializes on producing unique and affordable eyewear (eyeglasses and sunglasses) with the premise that you can look good on them AND still have money in your pocket. 😉

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For their first collection of 2016, Warby Parker took the inspiration from the circus, using bold and fun colors for their unique frames crafted from premium acetate.


Haskell in Crystal comes outfitted with an inner ring in one of three colors—Blue Jay, Manzanita, and Maple—applied by way of a specialty friction technique.


Rounding out the collection are three new silhouettes: studious Dorset and charismatic Kensett and Burroughs, whose rounded browlines and squared-off lenses seriously up the charm.

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What I particularly love about these eyeglasses is that they can give you so much personality and character without being too over the top. They’re that kind of accessory that expresses your personality in a subtle way, almost like a hint.

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And here comes the best part: what if you spotted some cool options but you still wish you could try them on to see how they look on you before placing the order? Well, you can choose 5 frames, and Warby Parker will ship them to you for free. Yep, for free. You’ve got 5 days to feel them out and find your favorite, or favorites! Return shipping is also on them (for the US and Canada).

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Spring 2016 frames start at $95 and, of course, they’re all available for Home Try-On.

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One of the best things about Warby Parker is that they partner with non-profits like VisionSpring to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.

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Visit Warby Parker’s website for a detailed look on this lovely collection!

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*Images source: Warby Parker