No, there’s not such a thing, I just made it up lol. But really though, the sporty and informal alternative of a girl’s sweater weather is this one! Sweatshirt weather! And gosh I found some really nice sweatshirts and hoodies I want to show you guys. Let’s see below!

If you ever saw me IRL, you might have notice how often I wear sweatshirts, I have them in different colors, designs, graphic, with patches, color blocking.. Oh yes, the obsession is real. Long are the days when these items were reserved only for gymnastics. And believe me guys when I say, it’s not even exclusively informal anymore. You can go to a Paris Fashion Week fashion show wearing a cool sweatshirt, a pleated midi skirt and boots (hello Kenzo 2014), or find really cool designs at cheap clothes for women sites and slay your streetstyle game.

I’m a sucker for clothes that have that versatility, and I found that on sweatshirts, such an underrated garment! Hoodies on the other hand tend to be a bit more informal and even for younger people or teens. Having said that, if you want to play with fashion and ignore the rules, go for it!! The best mixes and styles come from there. 🙂 I found tons of cheap hoodies for women with cat designs which are the cutest to me because I’m a huge cat lover. I’m including here one of cat ears in the hoodie, but you can also find no cat ears and just cute or fun cat graphics.

Are you either a sweatshirt or hoodie person at all? Let me know in the comments below!