April 24th is such a special day for me. I published my very first blogpost this day on 2013. This year it marks Style by Deb’s 8th anniversary, a.k.a my bloggiversary!! 🥂 Every April I’m grateful for another year of my blog and all the opportunities that came with it.

To celebrate the special ocassion I finally put on this new Goddiva* dress that’s been gifted to me in the middle of the pandemic and I didn’t have an event to wear it. It’s a proper ocassion dress: floor-lenght, metallic sequins, plunged neckline ready for a dramatic necklace… Even though I’m still on my house backyard, it’s my bloggiversary!!

Sequins on, champagne out, and all the memories and emotions start pouring out too. I think anyone who’s had a blog for so long and/or worked so hard to make it grow, would understand the meaning of a bloggiversary. 8 years is no joke and when I think of 2013 it looks like an eternity ago!


I would always be grateful to the people who helped me build this blog. My webmaster Eduardo, the unconditional support and help of my mum, and all the photographers that contributed along the years: cousins, friends, family members, to actual local photographers like Horacio Hache, Ori Villa Trípodi and Débora Burgos.

Once I moved to the UK, my number one supporter was unquestionably my husband, who got us a lovely camera kit and started taking my outfit photos and videos.

Thinking of all these important people in my life and all the other great people I got to meet and work with thanks to the blog is what makes me emotional. Because Style by Deb started so shy, as a little project of mine, and it slowly got more and more people involved. All these people believed in me and my blog, and that means the world to me.

I also want to thank all the brands that gave me a chance to work with them via gifted collabs, sponsored posts, banners and social media cooperations. There are brands that have stayed around for ages and we worked together multiple times.

Last but not least I want to thank you all guys, my followers and readers. There’s no Style by Deb without you. That includes the other content creators that I met and even follow each other. <3


Just a few months after I created my blog, I launched all my social media platforms. That included a Facebook Fanpage, my Twitter account, a Pinterest page, my then-new obsession Instagram, and -this one’s for the OGs, a Lookbook.nu profile. I also got a Bloglovin account, even though is not a social media, it’s still a shareable platform.

Since then I haven’t really added any other platforms. I tried getting into Snapchat at the peak of its popularity but it wasn’t for me. It wasn’t until the pandemic forced us to stay at home, that like many others, I created a TikTok account. It’s still new and I don’t have much there yet but it’s definitely a new official addition to my platforms, so if you want to follow me there you can find me as @stylebydebblog.

I could go on for ages about «my baby», Style by Deb, but I know it’s time to close this post and wait until next year to keep talking about it. I wonder what opportunities will bring this new year and how many new people I’ll meet. Thanks for being with me for another year and here’s to Style by Deb!! 🥂



Ph: Robert Howells

Dress: Goddiva* – Sandals: Topshop via LoveTheSales* – Necklace: Jouellerie*