Hello lovelies! I’m quickly updating my blog with this new OOTD post before lunchtime 😉 You all know that I’m a sucker for black and white outfits. This time I only added a military green light parka basically because, guess what, I’m also a sucker for layering, lol! And I thought that the parka and my ankle booties will add some ‘toughness’ to the look, in a very stylish way, of course 😉

Well sadly I have to go like NOW, but I promise next time I will sat down write a proper post. Hope you do enjoy these pictures, tho! 🙂

parka-black-mini-booties-white-tee-streetstyle02 parka-black-mini-booties-white-tee-streetstyle03 parka-black-mini-booties-white-tee-streetstyle004 parka-black-mini-booties-white-tee-streetstyle04 parka-black-mini-booties-white-tee-streetstyle05 parka-black-mini-booties-white-tee-streetstyle06 parka-black-mini-booties-white-tee-streetstyle07 parka-black-mini-booties-white-tee-streetstyle008 parka-black-mini-booties-white-tee-streetstyle08 parka-black-mini-booties-white-tee-streetstyle11

Parka: Soles – T-shirt/Remera: Ver – Skirt/Falda: Virreynas – Booties/Botinetas: Nazaria