Hi my babies. In my third and last installment of my Zaful* wishlists, we’re gonna talk about summer dresses, and many of them happen to be quite sexy as well! But always keeping it classy, obvs. 😉 As usual, if you like some particular item, click on the image to see the product. 🙂

For the inner femme fatale we all have, sexy bodycon dresses are the best option to show off our figure with confidence and sensuality. I picked two bad babes in black, cause in my mind there’s nothing sexier than a bodycon black dress.

The first one has almost like a 90’s Versace vibe that I’m crazy about. The studs shape the figure beautifully and creates a sexy hourglass optical illusion. One of my faves from this whole wishlist for sure. The second one has spaghetti stripes and a beautiful floral embroidery. The asymmetrical length is a cool and trendy touch!

Speaking of asymmetrical, how-low dresses are in this summer and I find it fun and cute. You can see it in both, maxi dresses and over-the-knee dresses. Check this section for more.

My picks? First, this gorgeous and super feminine floral dress with a white background. The dress is cute and flirtatious, and the bottom is not only asymmetrical but it also has another big trend: ruffles. The second one is super cute as well but more on the boho side. The length is almost like midi, and the floral pattern is tiny (called liberty). The off-the-shoulder part and sleeves are elastic. 🙂

Sexy and classy dresses can be found here. These dresses, unlike the first ones, are not only for clubbing or a hot date, but they can be also worn in other events.

I chose this sensual and sophisticated burgundy dress. One-shoulders are still trendy for the next season, and it makes the dress look less structured and formal. The second one is also one of my favorites. I just love how cool and trendy it looks, but without losing femininity. It has a halter neck and low waist with irregular hems, and it’s backless from behind.

Are you looking for see through dresses for you? They can be worn in the beach as cover ups or, depending on the texture and fabric, they can even be worn in the city.

If it’s for the beach I can recommend this white lace cover up dress. This particular lace has a pattern that doesn’t make it look cheap. The drawstring in the waist feels relaxed and comfortable. Another great cover-up fabric for beach dresses is crochet, which you can also find in the store. Then we have this quite sexy white dress with fishnet panels on the top and long sleeves. It comes with a floral patch for an edgier touch.

I hope you enjoyed this selection and the previous ones. Zaful is this and much more, you can check it yourself at Zaful.com 🙂 Do you have any favorites? Let me know in the comments! <3



Images courtesy of Zaful