Hi lovelies! I’m so excited to share with you this post and introduce you to a new brand that just lunched their very first product. I’m talking about Saltitude West and their new salt hair mist.

In case you didn’t know yet, sea salt spray is a hair styling product that will give your hair more volume and will help you achieving that beachy look we all love, enhancing your natural waves or creating ‘wends’ (not waves but more of a bend) depending how straight or not your hair is. It’s been often compared to dry shampoos, with the only difference that sea salt sprays don’t clean your hair, only style it.

Saltitude West just lunched their first Salt Hair Mist* using natural resources from gorgeous Utah, their hometown. The salt comes from The Great Salt Lake, combined with refreshing Mountain Spring Water. Those natural ingredients are infused with coconut oil and aloe vera which allow you to texturize and style your hair while adding moisture at the same time. By the way you guys, the coconut fragrance is exquisite!

I’ve been using the salt hair mist for about two weeks now, I apply it to damp hair, spraying over my roots to give them some volume because they’re so miserably flat lol, and and then on mid-lengths. I try to avoid the ends because I know sea salt can be a bit dehydrating especially for that part of the hair. You can also apply it on wet hair and blow-dry it for a subtly voluminous finish. My hair holds the ‘wends’ until the night and it doesn’t feel dry or sticky, in fact, I don’t even notice I’m wearing a product! Also, between you and me, you can go one step ahead of the game and spritz the product in your hair, braid it and leave it overnight for an all-day-lasting effect. 😉

So, if you’re looking for a sea salt hair mist or simply for an alternative to hair sprays, you should definitely check out Saltitude West. Plus, it’s always super nice to support independent brands that are doing their best to compete in a market dominated by big names. If that isn’t encouraging enough, just know that Satitude West uses only natural ingredients and recyclable materials. They also state their product are never tested on animals. Give them some love on their Instagram or Facebook!