Hi lovelies! My newest lifestyle post is about a brand new product in the market. Today’s review: Lumière Refillable Candle Lighter.*

As you can probably tell by now, I’m a huge fan of scented candles and wax melts. I literally -literally, can’t spend a day without lighting one of them or at least an incense.

But sometimes matches and lighters are so impractical, especially when a candle is less than half way used. In my opinion, the best tool for any candle scenario is a proper candle lighter.


Last night I decided to treat myself with the generous hamper I kindly got from the people of Lumière. So I threw a nice blanket on, picked a Greenhouse scented candle and lit it with the new Lumière Refillable Candle Lighter.

Once I set the mood of my evening, and took some wax melts and a new white burner next to me just in case, it was time for fun. The hamper included a fun card game which hubby and I enjoyed while having a couple of exquisite chocolates.

An ideal night it must include some takeaway, right? We decided to try a veggie pizza (with vegan pepperoni!) and some yummy extras. We basically devoured the pizza as we rewatched our favorite Sopranos episodes.


Such a perfect night surrounded by the smell of scented candles and wax melts. They definitely create the atmosphere to relax and wind down after work.

The stylish design makes it look almost like any of my rose gold decorations. But this lighter is more than just a pretty face. First off, the device is refillable, making it convenient and not wasteful. Then, it’s pretty straight forward and easy to use. It also feels safe and practical.

As I said before, the design and color are very elegant and stylish. I got it in rose gold (my favorite color), but there are 5 more metallic shades to choose from. Gold, silver, pewter, pearlescent white and bronze. All of them combined with black details.

My gorgeous rose gold Lumière candle lighter was such a pleasant and aesthetic addition to the night. Not to mention super practical and convenient.

The Lumière Refillable candle Lighters are currently available at Tesco, Waitrose online and Wilko. You can also read more about them on their site, candlelighters.co.uk -Which color would you choose?!