They say every piece of jewellery tells a story, so I’m here to tell you three stories from my new Daisy London 18Ct Gold Plated rings*.

Daisy London is a British jewellery brand that specialises in exquisite and wearable pieces “from their jewellery box to yours” -as stated on their gift paper. Founded in 2009, the brand quickly grew a cult status among individuals with a love for contemporary elegance.

Daisy embodies the essence of the carefree London girl. They describe themselves as “laid-back but polished, timeless yet meaningful”, and you can see it in their collections. Their necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and even packaging are tastefully crafted and ready to elevate your accessory game.

From all their gorgeous rings, I picked two from the Estée Lalonde collection and one from the Artisan collection. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

Estée Lalonde Goddess Medallion Signet Ring 18Ct Gold Plate

This was the first item that caught my eye because I have a soft spot for astrological motifs. But it didn’t end there, they touched my second soft spot which is a design with a subtle masculine twist. You’ll see, the Goddess Medalltion Signet ring has a thick chunky band that’s usually found in men’s rings.

It sounds silly but when I saw that particular feature, it reminded me of Tony Soprano and his mob ring in his pinky, so I went and ordered it in the smallest size to wear it on my pinky! So ironically, I do feel empowered every time I put on this ring, like the item description suggests in the website.

This statement ring has been crafted in 18ct gold plated silver and features the lunar goddess symbol. I overall feel that this ring is badass in an understated way, and still elegant and luxurious at the end of the day, like all Daisy pieces.

Artisan Stamped Ring 18ct Gold Plate

The Artisan collection was all about symbols and tokens of past adventures, places that represent the freedom of exploring. The ring features an almost hypnotic Aztec pattern that’s heavily geometrical, even in the shape of the ring itself.

I’d say this is the most “easy-to-wear” piece of the three, as it’s the most subtle, minimalist and effortless. The Artisan Stamped Ring can be also found in silver. I’m in love with how versatile this ring can be, plus I never had a ring in this shape. 🙂

Estée Lalonde Sunburst Signet Ring 18Ct Gold Plate

I love oval rings because they visually elongate my fingers. Band width wise, this is the thinnest from my picks, which makes it perfect to stack with other rings as long as they don’t interfere with the beautifully textured sunburst centre.

The richly carved sunburst symbolises happiness and protection. The Estée Lalonde Sunburst Signet Ring is part of a collection that subtly nods to the free spirits of the seventies, including the bohemian and rebel essence of that era.


Last but not least, I wanted to dedicate a little section to the beautiful packaging and attention to detail from the brand. My box came with a lovely journal-style catalogue called the Daisy Times, that showcases their new items along with articles, interviews and even a very helpful jewellery care guide.

They also included the Luxury Gift Packaging items such as Daisy London ring boxes, soft drawstring pouches, a branded gift bag, tissue paper with a cute sticker that reads “From our jewellery box to yours”, and completed with a lovely handwritten note.

With the season of giving around the corner, I can’t help but suggest you consider Daisy London during your Christmas gift shopping as they have stunning pieces and really classy gift packaging options.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my Daisy London items. This has to be one of my favourite collabs, given the quality and attitude of their pieces. These three rings will be part of my most cherished section of jewellery and you will be seeing them quite often on my Insta. <3