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Have you ever considered refining your look and elevating your style easily? Then this contributed article has you covered! Read the tips:

Are you bored with your style? Or do you need to refine it a little bit more to get the look just right? It doesn’t matter what size clothing you wear; the key to looking good in your outfits is feeling good. And a few small tips and tricks can elevate your style and help you feel as good as possible when wearing your favourite outfits.

And with surveys revealing half of UK women struggle with clothing sizes and being able to get the right fit, refining your look can help you avoid common wardrobe malfunctions from the varying sizing issues from manufacturers.

Ready to learn more? Read on.

Wear What Fits

Before you do anything else when refining your style and elevating your look, you must ensure you are wearing the size that fits you. Not the size you want to be, or squeezing into a poorly sized item because the label says it is your size (especially important for Primark and Zara shoppers!).

Ignore the sizing on the tag and pick the clothes that fit you. You will not only feel better, but you will look better than your body being contorted into something that doesn’t fit or clings in all the wrong places for no reason other than vanity. Go a size up or down if need be, but make sure you feel comfortable with how it fits your body.

Wear A Well Fitted Bra

The right-size bra can make all the difference to your outfit. Not only will it keep your breast supported, but it will help to streamline your shape and make your clothes sit better on your body. As a guide, the band on your bra needs to sit flush against the skin and not ride up at the back.

If you wear an underwired bra, the bar must fit completely under the breast, sit under the armpit and flush against the chest in between breasts. Boux Avenue found that 81% of women wear the wrong size bra, with the most common issue being ladies wearing bras with too small cup sizes.

Don’t forget to avoid wearing outfits that might expose your bra strap. Tops that slouch off your shoulder, for example, or expose your back, can leave your bra on show to onlookers. Instead, choose a lovely bracelet that can hold its own when exposed and eliminate standard bra straps from being visible, ruining the look.

Practise Good Posture

These days more than ever, more and more people are struggling with poor posture, mainly due to working in front of screens, looking at phones, or slouching in chairs. Learning good posture, practising pilates and standing tall can help you improve your posture and, in turn, improve your clothes.

Correct posture can automatically make you look 5-10 lbs lighter, help you feel good about yourself, and avoid ruining your style by sloughing or even having the dreaded humpback commonly associated with increased mobile phone use and looking down at screens.

Accessorise, But Not Too Much

Accessories are the key to completing any outfit, yet too many can look messy and ruin your look. Your accessories need to complement your outfit, not overwhelm it, and they should all make sense in relation to your look and style.

Whether you look at new septum piercing jewelry instead of earrings or a necklace, you pick a matching bracelet and brooch for a smarter, more sophisticated event, or you use your hair styling to add accessories along with a bag or clutch to elevate your outfit. All of these options should be used sparingly to avoid drowning your look and overshadowing your style.

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Use A Tailor

Clothing off the rack is made to a specific set of measurements; even most manufacturers interpret this differently. While some people find this clothing fits perfectly, others struggle due to height, body, and other physical differences that make shopping harder.

To lift your style, why not take your favourite pieces to a tailor and adjust them for a better fit? Tailored clothing is a great investment, but it can be expensive. But taking already owned items to be altered can be a more affordable option and allow you to wear your clothes more confidently because they fit better and you feel better in them.

Avoid Too Many Trends

It can be easy to fall into the fast fashion trap, quickly jump on board with trends, and mix and match too many options. A classic style will be made of simple colours and components, with one item following a trend. This is especially important if you are looking for a more professional look or if you don’t want to be overshadowed by clothing.

For example, you can pair your classic tee and jeans with on-trend sneakers or change up full-leg jeans for cropped ones with turn-ups if they’re in fashion. Or you can use accessories that are in trend to help you make your otherwise understated outfit more fashionable. Less is more when it comes to elevating and refining your style.

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A Good Quality Bag

A bag can make or break an outfit, but a good quality bag will last you and set the tone for what you are stepping out in. It doesn’t need to be an uber-expensive designer bag, but it does need to be well made, using quality materials and in good condition. Even the slightest signs, scuffs, wear and tear, or marks can impact how your outfit is pulled together.

Swap Your Shoes

If you want to go for that sophisticated look, don’t forget to check your footwear. Again you don’t need expensive shoes, but you do need footwear that fits your feet properly and looks good. Again this means no signs of wear and tear or missing tips off stilettos, for example.

Speaking of which, try swapping out your platform heels for a classic pair of black stilettos if you like a bit of height on your shoes. Swap flip-flops for sliders or open-back mule sandals; socks with sandals are a no-no, but socks or tights with loafers can be a more stylish choice.

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By making small changes, you can elevate your style and make your clothing look just as good as new higher-end purchases, if not better. After all, it’s not about what you wear but how you wear it. And a well-thought-out and fitted outfit from Primark can be just as sophisticated as anything from the major fashion houses.

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