Hello hello! This post is one of those fun ones to write because the featuring brand is cool af and makes everything cooler. I’m talking about PNK Lettuce, a jewellery store that makes «completely inappropriate jewellery» as they describe themselves with their characteristic humour. Oh yes, I was intrigued…

These cool accessories, handmade in Essex, include rings, bangles & cuffs and pendants. What you read in this jewellery might need parental control, tho, cause that’s how they roll. «Resting bitch face», «Savage as fuck», «Bad bitch club» -well, you got the idea 😉 Bad gals out there needed a voice in jewellery, now they got it. But fear not! If these messages are too extreme for you, you can also see some mild ones like «Wifey», «Girl Gang», «Slaying it», the «Taken AF» ring, and my personal favourite: «Cute but psycho». Another nice option is stamping a little phrase or your own name in a personalised bangle.

I got a cool «idgaf» silver bangle*, because let’s face it, it’s a REAL mood.. and also a very catchy song from Dua Lipa, either way is a pretty good reason to wear such bangle 😉 It came in a cute box (but with a badass font saying «PNK Lettuce»), a jewellery polishing cloth to keep the item tarnish free, a little pink card explaining how to look after your jewellery and, of course, the item itself.

I truly loved the casual vibes of this bangle, completely different from the ones I reviewed a couple of posts ago, which is cool because bangles are versatile enough to serve different styles and occasions. Most PNK Lettuce’s bangles are unisex and fit all sizes, as you can squeeze them together or stretch them out to fit your wrist. I know my «idgaf» bangle will accessorise perfectly my urban street style outfits and spice up the coolest night out looks with a touch of rock ‘n roll.

Check out PNK Lettuce for more unapologetically badass jewellery or to customise your own bangles as a gift for that cool friend or a treat to yourself. <3