You know me, lovelies. I’m always here to write about those little gems found online 🙂 This time we’re going to talk about GetNameNecklace*, a store that offers customized jewelry for you or your loved ones, and the options for customization are lots of fun!

Who doesn’t love a good personalized item? Whether it’s necklaces with names, bracelets, rings or earrings. These accessories make great birthday presents, or even lovely gestures for special dates like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

One of my favorite necklaces is the monogram. You can find it in casual or elegant styles. There’s also the option for it to be engraved, to be the shape of the letter, or as part of layered necklaces featuring the infinity symbol or a birthstone pendant to make it doubly special.

Another great section is the Infinity designs! There are classic infinity necklaces, with engraved names or names also as part of the infinity line. But then, they go even further with the details on the designs, and we see the addition of birthstones, hearts, crosses, arrows, dog paws, heartbeats and more. As you know, I’m crazy for anything rose gold, so I also picked my favorite rose gold designs here among the other ones:

Picture pendant necklaces are also very popular on the website. From the classic tags and hearts shapes or a cute mom-child picture necklace in sterling silver, to unique pendants with the full shape of your pet or projecting photo pendants, there’s always something for you or that special person. Now, if you’re still wondering what a projective photo pendant is (cause believe me, I was), it’s a normal necklace in appearance, but in the center of that little black circle (that looks like a stone) there’s the latest on Nano Micro technology, engraving your favorite picture in the center and projecting it in various ways. Perfect for a tech savvy AND chic girl! 😉 Another cute finding was a heart-shaped pendant with a zodiac sign cover and when you open it you the picture of that special person, which is adorable enough for kids!

So babes, personalized accessories are far from being a boring old-school present. They can be as unique, aesthetic or even technological as you want! These items are so cute that you don’t even have to give them as a present, I mean, I could totally wear a monogram necklace or those projecting necklaces! Or a pendant with my kitty on it! Check out all the other amazing ideas and designs from! 🙂



All images courtesy of GetNameNecklace