Halfway through my previous instalment when I was describing our outfits and accessories, I realized all the rings needed a whole separate instalment because of how special they are. I couldn’t just throw them in the middle of the Accessories section, they mean more than just a cute item.

I never really showed my engagement ring properly, so I thought this post was the perfect occasion to properly show it and talk about it. To begin with, you have to know that literally all of our rings come from different brands lol. That’s hard to believe because they do look perfect together! But you’ll see:


Credit where credit is due, my now–husband did an excellent job in finding the right ring for his fashionista girlfriend. Although I would’ve loved anything that comes from him, I’m not gonna lie, I was over the moon and internally relieved when I saw the ring and I genuinely loved it. And yes, it was authentic 18ct Rose Gold, my favorite color (and metal!)

Turns out that this gorgeous ring comes from a limited edition of a vintage-inspired Emmy London collection. The design is “quintessentially British” as the website describes it. It features a 1/4 carat diamond marquise cut solitaire with halo, has baguette diamond shoulders, diamond set bridge, and a secret diamond inside the band. Also inside the band, there’s a cute Emmy London logo engraved. The diamonds have a P1 clarity and are I1 certified. The box also comes with an independent GSI certificate, so that you can be sure you’re getting the real deal. 😉

Website product shots:

Image source: EmmyLondon
Image source: EmmyLondon



Moving on to my wedding band, I did have a saying in this one 😉 We were determined to find different wedding bands that we liked without the pressure of trying to find the same design for both of us. Our styles are VERY different so there was no way we could’ve merged them in one single ring. The premise for my wedding band was two words: delicate and thin. After all, I had to match it with my engagement ring, not overshadow it. We finally decided on this beautiful Ferko’s 14k Rose Gold Diamond Wedding Band. Ferko’s jewellery style is exactly what I needed: simple yet extremely elegant. Many of their items are thin, and that was also a feature I was actively looking for in a wedding band.

Seventeen white gleaming diamonds are set atop an ultra-thin 1.2mm gold band. The design is classic, but the zig zag shape of the line where the diamonds are set is extremely unique and even a bit funky. As the website says, “This alluring half eternity diamond band boasts a minimalist design, but remains striking”. Fun little detail: in the centre of the zig zag line there’s a lower point almost like a V shape, where my marquise-shaped engagement ring fits surprisingly perfect, you could almost think they came as a set! (I mean, the point of the marquise shape fits perfectly with the “V” on the wedding band, as I wear them together all the time).

Website product shot:

Image source: Ferko’s



Remember how earlier I said me and my husband’s styles were pretty different from each other? Well, for starters, he wanted an all-black wedding ring… while I was there literally looking at rose gold rings with freaking diamonds lol. But once again, credit where credit is due, he managed to find THE perfect wedding band for him: black tungsten with rose gold on the inner part plus a rose gold line in the middle, by The Metal Ring. I apologise for the lack of real pictures of his ring, he’s in London and I’m in Argentina right now so I couldn’t make pics for his ring.

Website product shots:

Image source: The Metal Ring
Image source: The Metal Ring

When I see the three rings together, I’m happily surprised for how all of them come from different places and brands yet they match like the coolest set out there because there’s a line and some sort of common denominator that somehow makes sense. But most importantly, when I see these rings I see us: his black and rose gold ring is so Robert, and my rose gold and diamonds rings are so me! The styles fit our individual tastes, everything makes sense, you understand each of us and you understand US by only taking a look at the rings. Did you guys like them? Do you have matching or non-matching wedding bands with your spouse?



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