Part I of my Wedding Series is here! I have so many photos to share with you guys that I decided to divide them in little installments. I look at these pictures and I can’t believe it already happened! That felt like the shortest day of my life! But let’s start from the beginning: THE dress!

Back to 2018, I had the big task of picking my wedding dress 😉 Being a fashion person I had a very specific look in my mind, but the key was finding a brand that could give me exactly what I wanted (without breaking the bank). The moment I found Coco Melody, I literally had a thousand options to choose from. Their dresses are freakin’ dreamy, look expensive af, and once you try them on IRL you can tell the quality is amazing. Tell you what, although I love my dress with all my heart, I’m thinking of buying a second one for our Welsh reception simply because one is not enough and I have list of second options as good as the first one.

Anyway, back to when I was picking my dress, I knew I wanted an A line tulle skirt. I wanted long sleeves and tons of sheer panels and laser cut appliques (told you I was being too specific lol). When I saw this #LD4567 dress I fell in love. It was a HUGE risk buying my wedding dress online, we’ve all heard the horror stories about some people who got really cheap copies of the website photo, but I did my research and found out that this brand has physical stores as well in different cities such as Los Angeles, Rosenheim (Germany) or Tokyo, to name a few, so that’s always a good factor. I also stumbled upon some actual fashion shows posted on Youtube, an Instagram account and blog section full of real brides, and last but not least a Facebook group called CocoMelody Dress Shopping Tips & Reviews where Coco brides and brides-to-be share their pictures, questions and exchange tips. All that online presence gave me the confidence I needed in the brand and I hit the Buy Now button!

Delivery came in perfect time, and once I had the dress here I just ran some little alterations such as tighten up the sleeves and bust area as well as shorten it up a little (hi petite girl) but nothing major, the original measurements and sizing were on point. It’s important to point hat they deliver to Argentina (another thing that complicated me with other brands). I got it from UPS and everything was fine! 🙂

I can’t express enough how happy I was with the dress, the most important item of my whole bridal look. I didn’t want to take it off! I’ll continue with my second installment breaking down the rest of the look (shoes, veil, tiara, rings) but for now on, I just wanna say how much I adored my dress, I would buy it again a million times! Sounds silly but you know when you’re a little kid and literally wish you could feel like a princess for a day? Well, I felt that on my wedding day, not only because I was getting married with my prince charming but also because of this princess-like dress from CocoMelody, really. <3 And I’m saying it as a bride who loved her dress, not as a blogger, not as a microinfluencer, but as an honest recommendation to any bride-to-be who happens to be looking for her dream dress. 🙂



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