oeyes babe bodysuit deborah ferrero style by deb

Sorry guys this second instalment took so long to be posted! There were tons of posts piling up on Style by Deb and I had to start pushing back some of my OOTD posts. But this is the second and final part for my little Oeyes «lookbook» and I hope you like it!

So in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, a couple of months ago I received an Oeyes parcel with some gorgeous items in it! I first did a try-on haul video for IGTV and then my first instalment sharing with you guys how I styled those items in real life.

On that first post you saw me wearing, among other items, a white top with some cute hair accessories which I wanted to show separately, so we’ll begin there. I love the current hair clip trend and I’m also a sucker for anything with moons and stars, so this hair clip set was a no brainer when I saw it. The designs feature a half moon and a circle, both in golden with little pearl details. I’m planning to wear them for my family’s Christmas Eve dinner, too, as I see some potential Christmas vibes there.

oeyes hair clips deborah ferrero style by deb
oeyes hair clips deborah ferrero style by deb
oeyes deborah ferrero style by deb

We then had a lovely mustard yellow top with the same kind of delicate and feminine details as the hair clips, but this time on the sleeves. We see some some laser-cut details decorated with small pearls. Also, there’s a little tie knot for a cooler effect. The color is quite trendy too, and this is the kind of top you can dress up or down easily depending on your day.

oeyes mustard yellow top
oeyes mustard yellow top deborah ferrero
oeyes mustard yellow top deborah ferrero style by deb
oeyes mustard yellow top style by deb deborah ferrero
deborah ferrero wearing mustard yellow top by oeyes

Last but not least we have another bodysuit, and probably the «edgiest» piece of the whole bunch. A bright orange tight bodysuit with only one word that reads «BABE.» I heavily relied on early 00’s aesthetic for this look. A youthful color such as this bright orange (sorry if int he pictures you see it more neon than it actually is) calls for fun vibes, therefore my pink-glassed oval sunnies, the space buns, flared jeans and the classic all white Converse because nothing screams youth more than a pair of chucks. I’m honestly living for this look!

oeyes orange BABE bodysuit deborah ferrero style by deb
babe orange bodysuit by oeyes deborah ferrero blogger argentina salteña
oeyes babe orange bodysuit deborah ferrero style by deb blogger salteña
deborah ferrero style by deb wearing babe orange bodysuit blogger argentina influencer salteña
babe orange bodysuit deborah ferrero influencer salteña oeyes
deborah ferrero influencer salteña blogger argentina usando oeyes babe orange bodysuit

There was one more item that unfortunately didn’t make it to the post (you can still see it on my IGTV video, though). It’s a beautiful wrap blouse with crazy volumes in all the hems: sleeve hems and bottom hem. I altered it to take out all the crazy plastic that made the volume so uncontrollable but we couldn’t remake the blouse again in time for the photos. You’ll probably see it popping up my Instagram feed at any time though! Because after this alteration I’m just ready for the weather to become a little chillier so that i can wear it. 🙂

Hope you liked these looks babes and please remember you can still use the code STY15 for 15% off in Oeyes.com!!