nutribuddy breakfast bundle review

Breakfast shakes have been popular for decades. Last week I finally discovered the right one for me: the Nutribuddy Vegan Breakfast Bundle.

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In case you’re not familiar with the brand, Nutribuddy* is a vegan and cruelty-free company founded by gorgeous Ella, a young girl who wanted to create healthy and ethical products from beginning to end.

This is something that really stroke me from Nutribuddy. Not only the product itself was healthy but the whole process for you to end up with their product in your hands was carefully designed to be eco-friendly.

The ingredients used are quality ingredients of natural origin, grown without the use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides. They source their produce from reputable enviromental-friendly suppliers.

Nutribuddy doesn’t use any kind of artificial chemicals either, like bulkers, preservatives, emulsifiers, etc. Needless to say, by being vegan and cruely-free, no animals were harmed in the making of their products.

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The first thing you can tell when you open a Nutribuddy box is that their packaging has been also deliberately thought. Stainless steel scoops and bottles, recycleable glass jars and BPA-free shaker bottles are all part of their range.

In the box there’s also a Nutribuddy quick start guide with useful information for you to read. I got a 14 Day Supply bundle but there are also 28 and 56 Day Supply options too.

Everything from my reusable glass jar to dispose the brekfast, to my ultra cute pink shaker bottle, feels durable and high quality. The breakfast shake and vegan powedered milk came in two big zip lock packs containing all the ingredient information, serving suggestions and other instructions.

nutribuddy reusable glass jar and stainless steel scoop
nutribuddy 14 day supply breakfast shake and vegan milk

Following the Breakfast Bundle instructions, I easily made my first shake: a Strawberry Flavoured Breakfast with Crunchy Flaxseeds & Coconut Flakes + Oaty Vegan Milk. The production of the latter uses far less water and fossil fuels than standard vegan milks. It literally took me around 2 minutes to prepare my shake!

The shaker bottle was the real start in this part of the process. Thanks to its metal shaker ball, the shake felt smooth and properly mixed. The bottle also claimed to be leak-proof, and guess what, not even a single drop fell while I was shaking it.

nutribuddy shaker bottle in pink


With my brekfast shake now made, I took my first sip and appreciated the flavour. I could taste the strawberries, the coconut… and I can even see some cute tiny seeds! It felt sweet and rich in flavour. I even forgot for a second I was having a vegan breakfast!

For these pictures I made the basic shake, only with water and not using any particular recipe. But if that feels to plain for you, I invite you to read the website’s recipe section for some extra yummy inspo!

In the shop there are more delicious breakfast flavours to choose from. You can also try Nutribuddy‘s porridge, nutrient boosters or crunch cereals. If you liked the tools you see me using, you can buy them separately too.

vegan breakfast shake review
nutribuddy pink shaker bottle


All in all, I couldn’t be happier with my overall experiece. I felt great knowing I was consuming vegan and cruelty-free products, and even better when I read about the entire eco-friendly process to make these products.

I genuinely take my hat off to the Nutribuddy team for commiting to such an important cause and literally base their entire business model on ethical and enviromental-friendly methods.

I feel proud to recommend such products, knowing it won’t only be the best for you as a reader, but also for all of us in this world we share. Vegan or not, I couldn’t ask for more. Quality products, natural ingredients, yummy taste, lovely packaging, clear and concise information about what I’m consuming, and super cute packaging and items.



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breakfast bundle review
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