Hey babes! I’m so beyond excited to talk about this set that literally changed my hair’s life. If you’ve been following through the years you’d probably noticed I was never too adventurous with my hairstyles. But since I got this NuMe Power Couple Gift Set* I’ve been playing around with different styles according to my mood, and the best part is, it’s actually so easy to do it!

Throughout my blog there’s always been reviews I was more excited about than others, and this one has to be one of my favorites, I’m genuinely happy with these products and I’d genuinely recommend them to you guys or my own sister. Let’s start with from the beginning. NuMe is an American company for all-things-hair. From individual hair tools such as a curling wand or blow-dryer, to practical gift sets or cruelty-free hair products, there’s a lot of NuMe to choose from. 😉

I particularly wanted to try this Power Couple set. The set includes a 25mm Classic Curling Wand, the Fashionista Hair Straightener, a silicone styling mat, a heat-resistant styling comb and an also heat-resistant glove, like I said on my IGTV, ”for non-pros like me” haha. All these tools come on a super practical (and chic) travel case.

The 25mm Classic Curling Wand heats up to 410ºF (210ºC), but thanks to its tourmaline ceramic barrel, your hair won’t suffer the full power of that heat. Actually, the combination of far infrared heat and negative ion conditioning technologies with tourmaline ceramic gives you hydrated and frizz-free curls or waves every time you use it.

Depending on which style you want, you can hold the pieces of hair around the barrel for shorter or longer time. In the video below I went for effortless beach waves so I didn’t hold the hair for longer than probably 5 or 6 seconds. However, if you want tighter and more defined curls you can hold the hair a bit longer, let them cool down and put on some hairspray at the end, when you finish. Instead, I just gently brushed my hair to loosen the waves up a little bit in order for them to look “less perfect”.

Then we have the 1 Inch Fashionista Hair Straightener, whose tourmaline ceramic, infrared heat and negative ion conditioning also protects your hair from aggressive heat while giving you a shiny and smooth finish to your hair.

In this case, the hair straightener features a dial temperature control that lets you choose your desired temperature from 140ºF to 410ºF. In the video you can see by yourself that the straighter goes through my hair only once and the hair is straighten out already. And nope, there’s still no frizz whatsoever, and that must be thanks to the technology they used when designing this straightener. The negative ion conditioning claims to maintain moisture and seal the hair’s cuticles, and the sleek straight effect lasts for days.

What I also love about these adorable tools is their gorgeous design. The satin pink finish feels so luxurious (and Instagram-friendly). This set also comes in turquoise and black in case you’re not into pink J (but I’m a Barbie girl at heart and I can’t help it).  Also, the silicone mat comes super handy when you don’t want to leave your piping hot tools anywhere, it’s like NuMe had thought of everything! The heat-resistant glove was a huge help for me because I’m a bit of a coward with hot stuff (hence I hate cooking lol), but I was able to move freely and easily while handling the tools because I could barely feel the heat on my hand. Last but not least, another cute feature I found about both items is the fully rotating swivel cord that, just like with the glove, it also gave me a sense of freedom to move and change the direction of the tools without limitations.

Hope you found this review useful, and believe me I was so passionate writing about it because I believe in the products’ quality and wanted to honestly share it with you. And don’t forget to check the demo video below for a before and after my two looks: the effortless beach waves and the sleek straight hair! 😉

And babes if you’re interested in this or any other gift sets that NuMe offers go to their website numeusa.com and use my code STYLEBYDEB25 for 25% OFF store-wide!!! They ship worldwide too so you can have your own NuMe set at home with just a click.