There’s never a wrong season to get married, and Fall is as romantic as Spring, I myself got married in the Argentinian fall! So let’s talk about the beautiful wedding jewelry Jeulia* has in store for this season!

I loved this idea of getting not only your ring from a brand but the entire jewelry set. That ticks off so many things at the same time! You can select any set and you’ll know the style of each piece will match. Sets can be the rings plus a pair of earrings or something more complete like the rings, earrings, a bracelet and a necklace, all of them matching with each other.

As always, you can choose between edgier designs or colorful stones, or stick to classic colors and shapes. These are my favorites:

Needless to say, Jeulia still offers their usual gorgeous wedding rings for women. The rose gold ones are still my favorite, and combined with pink stones they’re just a dream. For simpler yet unique designs you could opt for an engraved wedding band or one with a heartbeat engraved.

If purple or turquoise stones are too much for you, dare to mix two different types of gold (white and gold or gold and rose gold, etc) and still showcase your unique personality.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re just looking for wedding rings or the entire jewelry set, Jeulia got you covered. Check them out!



All images courtesy of Jeulia