What happens when you’re obsessed with two of the biggest prints for the season and you can’t just pick one? You wear them both! Uh yeah, mixing patterns is always fun, and I’m always up for a little Olivia Palermo moment (the queen of pattern mixes), so I thought «why not?» when I threw checked and leopard together for this look.

Funnily enough, both checked and animal print are nothing new, but every other season they come back reinvented and powerful, and we all fall for them again. If I’m honest, I was never a big fan of animal print until a few seasons ago, lol. I just didn’t use to see myself in such pattern, it would’t fit my personality or even my confidence back in the day. I remember I only had two animal print items and for some reason the two of them were skirts. One of them, a pencil skirt, and the other one, a more youthful skater mini skirt, and the print in that skirt was like «dusted» or faded, so I wasn’t intimidated to wear it at all.

Then I started incorporating animal print accessories, the first of them being obviously a pair of shoes. But not these shoes! Not yet, I’m talking 2014. Do you remember when ALL shoes had a black or golden point? Haha well, my animal print shoes had a black vinyl point detail lol. Anyway, fast forward to 2018, I go to Primark with bf’s mum and suddenly it’s there, and its tempting me really bad: a new pair of classy leopard print stilettos calling my name and urging me to give this print a second try. And I listened to that well, oh God I did, and in fact I also got a leopard print scarf cause it’s chilly out there. So, among other stuff, I was coming back home with two animal print items and I was ready to rock the trend again.

As checked has been always a good ally, I got this maxi blazer in a grey because it’s like a classic and timeless piece anyone should have in their wardrobes. This pattern is more subtle and laid down than animal print, and you know what they say, opposites attract! And these two make a lovely, trendy combination that doesn’t saturate the eye at all. Do you guys like it? Oh! And props to my boyfriend that spotted this super cool location which gave him Blade Runner vibes (!) but gave me a badass background 😉



Blazer: SheIn – Jeans: Voi Jeans – Shoes: Primark – Bag: Primark – Hat: H&M