Okay so let me introduce you to the coolest and funniest pair of socks I’ve ever owned. My personalized sushi socks by Printsfield.com* are now my favorite pair and honestly, a perfect excuse for a massive sushi order for these photos. 😉

So, Printsfield is a site for personalized items and the funniest designs. They make socks, men and women’s underwear, laptop sleeves, journals and notebooks.

As I’m a big cat lover, my first instinct was checking the Cat section. I saw some adorable prints worthy of a proud cat mom (and cat dad too, literally there are prints for them too). My only problem is that I have too many cats and I did’nt have the heart to leave any of them out of the prints so I explored more of the site to see what else I could find for me.

I browsed through different categories like Dog, Love, Family, Food and more. My foodie heart returned to the Food section, where I’d see burger and chips, ice-cream, pineapple, pizza, wine and then.. there it was, my glorious sushi. Time to design.

Once I picked the print I wanted, I had the option to add one face, two or three. I uploaded a blog photo where my face was clear and visible and then I proceeded to pick the color of the socks. That was a no-brainer: sushi – salmon! 😉

I was so happy when I received my personalized sushi socks! And I want you to share that happiness too. That’s why Printsfield and I are giving Style by Deb readers a 20% OFF discount with the code «stylebydeb20«. Let me know here or on Insta what you got! 🙂



Ph: Robert Howells