That’s right, babes! Time to take the Halloween decorations off and start dusting off the Christmas tree and sparkling lights. At this point I assume you know I LIVE for the Holiday season and yes I sometimes tend to do Christmas stuff ahead of time lol but that’s just my attempt to make this beautiful time of the year last as much as I can. 🙂

So October was another hectic month, especially the first two weeks. I had lots of content to prepare for the blog and also a very important apointment in Buenos Aires, which was almost hacked by a pilot strike and put me into a very very stressful couple of days, but apart from that my stay in Buenos Aires was fun and delightful as always.

I did notice I feel more and more lonely every time I travel alone, which is kinda a lot, and sometimes I just need a friend or a relative to do fun things while we’re in a different city and that feeling is starting to weight in more with the years. Plus when I’m visiting Buenos Aires I have eyes on my back because it’s a gorgeous and lovely city but crime is quite high so I never risk it.

I had a bunch of exciting collabs going on during October and that will continue to this month as well. Omg that reminded me of what happened with an IGTV video I was creating for Dresslily! I was editing it on a new app on my phone okay? And every time I would leave the project after some time editing, it would be in ‘Drafts’ and I would continue editing and so on. I finished editing a 20 minute video that was going to serve for 2 IGTV videos and I accidentally DELETED everything. It was all in Drafts as always, and I just wanted to see if I could do some animation for the beginning of the video as an animated title, so I clicked on «New Project», saw the tools I had and realised I couldn’t do that in this app, so I left the New Project section and there was NO draft section anymore. It had disappeared! And my 20 minute video, too! No warning message, no hidden file on my phone with the edition, nothing!! Lol. Needless to say I got furious with myself and the app, and as I can’t delete myself I deleted the app and dowloaded a relativealy easy to use software to edit all my videos from now on.

Anyway guys, I could keep telling stories about my month haha but I think that’s enough. I hope you had a fun Halloween, a great month and I hope to see you on IG! Let me know so that I follow you back! 🙂



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