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Although I’m extremely excited for November, part of me doesn’t want to farewell October because it has been quite a fun month, not to mention the big finale with Halloween night. Speaking of that, how was your Halloween, guys? I hope you had a great time! Here I’ll share with you some snaps from last night as well as a selection of my October Insta-pics.

You might see there’s a couple of changes in this month’s pictures (goodbye perfectly squared symmetry?), well that’s because A. the new Instagram feature that allows you to upload your pics in its original shape, not only in a square shape, and B. I got pretty much obsessed with another new feature that gives that faded effect on the photos. I don’t know for how long will I stick to that filter ‘cause I get bored at things pretty fast, haha, but so far I’m loving it!


Si bien estoy sumamente emocionada por Noviembre, parte de mí no quiere despedirse de Octubre porque fue un mes muy divertido, sin mencionar el gran final con la noche de Halloween. Hablando de eso, como pasaron su Halloween? Espero que muy bien! Aquí les compartiré algunas fotos de anoche como así también una selección de mis Insta-fotos de Octubre.

Quizás noten que hay un par de cambios en las fotos de este mes (adiós perfecta simetría cuadrada?) A. debido a la nueva herramienta de Instagram que permite subir fotos en su forma original, no solamente cuadradas, y B. porque estoy bastante obsesionada con una nueva opción que te permite atenuar las fotos y queda con un lindo efecto. No sé por cuánto tiempo mantendré ese efecto en mis fotos porque me aburro fácilmente de las cosas, jaja, pero por ahora me está encantando!

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1. Brand new day, brand new month! 2. #tbt to my first months of blogging, for the post ‘Versatile’ 3. Saturday morning quick coffee 4. From the post ‘A Pop of Color’

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1. From the post ‘Forgotten’ 2. Breakfast with the girls! 3. From the post ‘Baby, it’s cold outside’ 4. Rosegal deliveries!

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Couldn’t help to take a pic here 😉

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1. Setting the Halloween mood with this #tbt to the post ‘Black Out’ 2. Move forward 😉 3. Quiet days 4. From the post ‘Arm Candy’.

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1. Selfie with my mom! -She’d probably kill me if she knows that I posted it here, LOL 2. Morning coffee 3. Grey day 4. The lovely Irresistible Me hair extensions package

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1. Selfie wearing the hair extensions 2. Ballet night 3. From the post ‘Comfort Zone’ 4. #tbt to a fun photoshoot with my friend.


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A preview of what I made for that night: Chocolate dipped Oreo pops and tombstone chocolate muffins.

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1. Earlier October, when the first Halloween decorations appeared on the stores 2. Super grey and rainy morning of the 31st 3. Leftovers of the night 4. #tbt to last year’s Halloween treats

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My Halloween costume was Merlina Adams! 🙂

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Cute decoration I bought during the week.