Time for another Instagram round up, my lovelies! This time saying goodbye to the month of May, which freaks me out cause it means we’re almost stepping into the second half of the year now in June. 😮

Exciting months are coming ahead, starting from June, which is my birthday month. Then from the end of July to the end of October I’ll be discovering new places and following a crazy dream and adventure. I’ll tell you more when the date is closer 🙂 Until then, I look back to May and I see a month of ups and downs. The fact that the ‘ups’ were really high and the ‘downs’ were reaaally low stressed me out a lot and I even suffered from terrible headaches again, apart from feeling anxious all the time. May didn’t finish quite well but I’ll try to remember it as the month when I took a big step that will get me closer to my dreams. The rest is meaningless compared to that.

I hope you have a fabulous June and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram as @stylebydeb so I can follow you back!