Say what?! Okay June just left in the blink of an eye. Or was it just me because I was excited for my birthday? I don’t know, but I can tell you it felt like the shortest month since February!

As you know, on June 23rd I turned 30 years old (wow!). My brithday was lovely despite being still under lockdown rules. I’m so excited to show you guys my gifts! The reason I didn’t do it yet is because for the first time ever, I «directed» almost all my gifts to be home decor related.

In a month, me and Robert will be moving houses (still in London, though), and for the first time we’ll have a place for ourselves only. That made me super excited because, being the visual person I am, I believe in the importance of an aesthetic home, and suddenly I found myself sumerged into home decoration sites and even creating a new Insta for our new flat! It’s called @decorating76a and if you can give it a follow it would be great!

Anyway, many of the gifts have to be ensambled into furniture, and there’s no point on doing so right now as we’ll have to do it all again in a month in the new place. So stay tuned to both of my instas for what’s to come! Obviously, @stylebydeb will be my main account and @decorating76a will be more of a side hobby, just like fashion/beauty and home decor are to me in real life.

Hope to see you there on any of my accounts! <3