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I know, I know, January is not officially over yet! This “Insta-Month” post came a bit earlier this time because I wanted to update my blog and I couldn’t make an OOTD post 🙁 These past days the heat was basically unbearable, especially during the only hours of the day I can use to make photoshoots. So, whether is extremely high temperatures or a wild summer storm we can’t just catch a break! That’s why I’m sharing my “Insta-month” post two days before we can all say goodbye to January.

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FIRSTS: 1. January 1st, the morning after! 2. Relaxing first days 3. First weekend 4. First OOTD post of the year!

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1. Breakfast 2. New silver shoes! 3. From the post “Standing on the top” 4. Kind of nostalgic postcard of train tracks.

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#tbt to September 2013 :*

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1. I just loved that cute tree and wanted a picture there! 2. Oh, decisions, decisions… 3. I saved this because you know, I love cats. 4. From the post “Chillin”

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Blue sky and West Coast vibes

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1. From the post “B&W” 2. The silver shoes again, this time featured in the “Standin on the top” post 3. “Long time no selfie!” 4. Lovely place, lovely evening.

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Another #tbt, this time back in October. Fun and silly moments between shots for the post “Hear me roar” 🙂