I’m not gonna lie, I’m glad January is over. Usually it’s the “bluest” month of the year for me, because the Holidays hype comes to an end (and I LOVE the Holidays) and days go by so slowly. This year particularly, the first month wasn’t exactly a good start, but of course, I still have a whole year to see what happens. 🙂

I again apologize for not uploading OOTD photos this month. If you haven’t read a previous post where I explained a little bit about this unfortunate hiatus, I’ll happily explain again that after I came back to Argentina, the whole Holiday madness was in its highest point, and also I was trying to get my head around being in this place again. After that, I’ve been struggling finding a new temporary photographer so I ended up thinking I might just wait for my usual photographer to be back now in February.

This OOTD hiatus, tho, gave me the chance to write more articles about makeup, trends and even lifestyle, so I’m glad that at least I got something good out of it. I’ve been checking lots of sites that I later share on my different posts and I also just came across this lovely store called WePromDresses that offers equally lovely and gorgeous short prom dresses, so if you started planning your prom look for this spring, take a look!

Anyway, am I looking forward to February? Absolutely. With my least favorite month of the year being over, I want to start shaping 2018 in this second month. As you can see in the final photo of this post, I’m excited to share with you a lovely collaboration with local brand Ala Par, which kindly chose me again for being the face of their lookbook, so maybe that’s a sign for a good month ahead. 😉

I wish you all a lovely February and make sure to follow me on Instagram! 😉 <3



Rainy streets

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