Hi guys!!! I’m baaaack!!!! Haha sorry, I’m really happy. You have no idea how much I missed blogging this past week! If you follow me on my social media then you knew that my blog was down due to some technical difficulties. I apologize if I caused you any trouble or if I made you waste your time by coming here and finding that awful sign on the screen 🙁 I was so impatient but luckily I can count on my super-efficient webmaster to get it fixed, and so he did! 😉

Now, I can’t believe it’s March already, omg! With a new season around the corner, I first want to say a proper goodbye to a short but great month, February! Hope you like it and thank you so much for joining me again after a week of (sudden) absence. :*


Hola a todos!!! Volviiii!!!! Jaja, perdón, estoy realmente contenta. No tienen idea lo mucho que extrañé bloguear esta semana! Si me siguen en las redes sociales entonces sabían que mi blog no estaba funcionando debido a algunas dificualtades técnicas. Me disculpo si les causé algún problema o si les hice perder su tiempo al venir aquí para encontrar ese aviso horrible en la pantalla 🙁 Estaba tan impaciente, pero por suerte puedo contar con mi súper eficiente webmáster para que lo arregle! 😉

Bueno, no puedo creer que ya sea Marzo, omg! Con una nueva estación prácticamente a la vuelta de la esquina, primero quiero decir adiós a un corto pero buen mes, Febrero! Espero que les guste y muchas gracias por estar aquí después de una semana de (repentina) ausencia. :*




1. Lovely dinner out 2. #tbt a close up to the shoes I was wearing on “The New Professional” post 3 & 4. I was at Centro Cultural America to see an exposition but I ended up posting photos of the architecture of the gorgeous building instead. The exposition was really cool, btw 😉


1. From the post “Palm Trees” 2. One of the shoots for Ala Par 3. Coffee break! 4. #tbt to a snowy winter.


Palm trees… again 😉


1. Street kitty <333 2. From the post “Boyish” 3. Night out 🙂 4. A small sample of my obsession with pink.


1. Milkshakes and a lovely afternoon with one of my oldest friends who I haven’t seen face to face for almost three years 2. A sort of… eaten? orange, idk, the entire scene was like a picture itself! Amazing 3. Spring in the palm of my hand! 4. One of the looks for the second part of the Ala Par photo-shoot that I was planning to post last week.


From the post “Sexy Valentine”


1. City view on a cloudy day 2. Selfie! 3. #tbt to the post “Back to school” 4. A super cute Taverniti key chain (it came with a pair of jeans I bought). At first sight it’s a heart, but then you start opening it and it forms like a clover of hearts that say “go on”, “life”, “luck”. How cute?!


Kicking off the day with two photo-shoots on a row that morning!