Oof! What a month! This was literally one of the most intense months of my life! Yes, you read well, of my LIFE. At the beginning of the month I was still in my hometown in Argentina, assisting to my little niece’s birthday party and blogging from my room.

Then I found myself in one of the most hardest moments of my life: saying goodbye to my family, my friends, my cats, my house, my routine, my city, my country.. hell, even my Continent.

I knew the day was coming, and even thought I though I was prepared, the pain of our farewell and that moment when I took a last look at my empty room and then said goodbye to my three kitties who of course didn’t understand was their owner was being such a cry baby.

Nothing really prepared me for the hardest goodbye to my sweet niece who I love with all my heart, and also to my mum at the airport after a couple of days together in Buenos Aires.

I know there are people with «worst goodbyes» than me, and that I’ll see my family again when I can save enough to get planes tickets from London to Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires to Salta (my hometown). And I know technology these days help a lot to cope with the physical separation from your loved ones. But it still wasn’t easy.

Now, don’t worry, not everything was farewells and tears. I moved to London to be with my husband, the man I chose to spend the rest of my life with, and he’s been really sweet since I arrived, making it easier for me to rememeber why I left my whole life behind (that and also the opportunity to work in fashion in the big city!).

Now, unlike a month ago when I was writing my January recap from my room in Salta, I’m writing from my new home in London. The sight from my window looks different and weather outside is much much colder than the summertime days I was enjoying when I left Argentina, but I’m here, living my adult life in a big city like I’ve always dreamed of, and ready to see what awaits for me in the future.