Hello from 2020!! What a crazy journey 2019 was, thank you guys for staying with me and following my adventures. Today I’ll be sharing my December insta-recap and a little bit of the highlight of my year.

December was a beautiful month, as I’m obsessed with Christmas it’s no surprise that the 12th month of the year is always my favorite one. I tried to tick off all my «December musts» and little traditions I have here and there. Christmas was lovely and all the gatherings and celebrations in general through this month were memorable.

Blog-wise, I’m so glad to look back and see all the great brands I had the chance to work with, but even more importantly, to see you guys still around, either here or in social media. I truly feel like I know some of you given the time we’ve been in touch because of our blogs.

This year I also put particular attention to my Instagram (without forgetting the blog, obvs). I played around with some presets I made for the first time, I did video for the first time, I set up my IGTV channel and focused more towards fashion and personal style by the end of the year.


The highlight of this year was obviously getting married. I still can’t believe that had come and gone already! April was a life-chaning month, and our wedding was by far the most important event of our year, and I’m just so happy I could spend it with all my friends and family, just like I always wanted it.

The honeymoon that followed, although short because of work, was just as lovely and memorable as the wedding itself. I think it’s because I was finally relaxed, me and my husband were finally left alone, and the town we picked for the honeymoon had just what we needed to relax.

Anyway babes, I wish you all the most wonderful New Year, I hope you stay around to see what 2020 has in store for Style by Deb and that the next 12 months are filled with happiness, peace, adventures and magic!

HAPPY 2020!!!