deborah ferrero style by deb april 2021 black mountains wales

Babes, April has been such a busy month for me. From extra work, my first couple of trips since lockdown, to blog/social media, and two different anniversaries.. oof!!

Ever since we entered into lockdown in the UK last December, I haven’t had the chance to go anywhere but Morrison’s and Lild lol. My last trip was last November. Once restrictions were easied, husband and I went to a lovely 5 star hotel in Cardiff to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. Voco St David’s was beautiful and the exact super chill, luxurious and relaxing experience we were needing.

Fast forward to the end of the month, we had to go to London for work and personal reasons, so that was our first trip outside of Wales since last July. I would’ve never thought I was going to be locked in Wales for so long lol. The trip to London confirmed my readiness to go back, as well as why I’d always prefer life in a big city rather than the small town I’m in. 馃槄

April was also the month of my blog’s anniversary as you could probably tell by my previous bloggiversary post. 8 years of Style by Deb is an achievement I never imaged back in Argentina. And speaking of my blog, guys don’t forget to follow me on Tiktok as @stylebydebblog! My youngest social media platform, haha.