Last bank holiday weekend, my boyfriend and I went to Cardiff for his friend’s wedding and it was lovely. He’s usually not very enthusiastic when it comes to going to weddings but this one in particular was special to him, and for me, well, I can’t turn down an occasion to dress up, can I? 😉

Given that wedding season is already among us, I thought this beautiful eShakti dress* could be perfect for such events. I truly loved the concept of the eShakti store, what they basically say is that clothes not only need to look good on a mannequin but also in your own body, whatever size or shape it is.

But customization not only stops at the measurements part. Oh no, eShakti offers something more that I absolutely LOVED. Did it happen to you that you liked an item but you couldn’t help but thinking “if only the neck was rounded..” or “if only it was a little bit longer..” or “it would’ve been better with ¾ sleeves..” Well, you can change that in this store too –oh yes, I’m talking to your inner perfectionist self, we all have it! 😉 You can literally shop a dress the way you see it in the model or customize some details and apply your own measurements. Their goal is making everyone feel part of the fashion game, like one of their hashtags states, #RealFashionForRealPeople.

Ok cool but.. can you really the difference, tho?

Yes. Yes, yes and yes. As a petite girl, I had my tailor’s number on my speed dial since I was 15, lol. I believe in the power of tailored items ‘cause I’ve been making use of that for a decade. So when I tried on my eShakti custom made dress I could see how it actually fitted me without having to take it to my tailor. Bust and waist measurements on point, no sleeves as required, elegant on-the-knee length, and of course, their gorgeous and classy design. It made me feel extra confident like it inevitably happens when you try on an item that fits you like a glove and you think “it looks like it was made for me!”, well, guess what my fashionista friend, now eShakti does make it for you.

I highly recommend eShakti to literally everyone, no matter what size you are or what body shape you have, especially if you have a special occasion coming up. Their dresses are all beautiful, the customization process is super fun and simple, perfect delivery and amazing final product. You can also check their Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages! 🙂