Hi babes! I’m so excited to share this post cause it’s been a fun one to make. Let’s take a little break from fashion today and talk about two things we all love: chocolate and a good laugh. These two big pleasures of life are now combined thanks to Morse Toad*, a brand that specializes in personalised gifts and some fun chocolate puns.

Giving someone a chocolate gift is always lovely and nice, but it’s even better when the chocolate is customized because it makes it more personal and thoughtful. In the Morse Toad website you can personalize chocolate bars with whatever phrase you want or you can choose the fun and colorful chocolate puns already designed by the brand. In both cases, the cute box will come with a card where you previously uploaded your photo and written a message in the back.

These letterbox gifts are perfect for children AND adults because humor has no age. As for the chocolate, oh my yummy yummy! It’s gluten free Belgian chocolate (you can see the ingredients in their website) -delicious! Also, I loved all the designs of their chocolate puns but I picked this one with champagne and garlands because June comes with celebrations for me as it’s the month of my birthday. I also picked a bday photo from last year and wrote a cheerful message. The whole process was short and simple, which I appreciated.

By the way, you should totally check their competition where one lucky winner will get £100 and a free box, AND 24 OTHER lucky winners will get a free box for themselves too. Click HERE to enter.

If you or someone you know has a good sense of humor and loves pun gifts (and chocolate, obvs) I highly recommend trying Morse Toad. Presentation is gorgeous, the chocolate is delicious and once it’s gone you still have a cute card to remember that awesome gift. 😉