Every woman treats her face like an artwork. Skin care products like Belif have been known to create beautiful canvases, and makeup is considered as the oil paint that follows it. When applied properly, makeup can make all the difference in the world. This includes masking some of your flaws while enhancing and highlighting your best features.

Unfortunately, not everyone is born with the innate talent of knowing how to apply makeup. In fact, it’s almost natural to make some mistakes along the way as one makes adjustments to perfecting their makeup application skills. Even experts in the industry are prone to making mistakes which can make them older than they intended.

To avoid ageing yourself, here are some common makeup mistakes that can actually make you look older:


1.Too much powder

Powder helps create a base where the rest of your makeup products can work on. Unfortunately, many of these products can also seep through the skin and can highlight wrinkles which eventually make your skin look dry and aged. To keep your makeup in place, consider using a setting spray after finishing your look since they can give your makeup a glowing finish without drying out your skin.

2. Avoiding primer

Primer prevents makeup from streaking down your face especially during hot and humid weather. It also enhances the color of some makeup products like eyeshadow and mineral powders. Unfortunately, skipping primer can make your makeup look runny, tired, and dull, which enables you to use more product, eventually makes you look older than you really are.

3. Using the wrong concealer

Concealer products that are too thick, too thin, and are a different shade from your natural skin tone can accentuate wrinkles and lines that you are actually trying to hide. When picking the right concealer, look for light and feathery textures that you can dab on lightly before blending with a synthetic brush. Avoid cakey concealers since they can be drying and can suffocate the pores which create tired-looking skin. 

4. Over-contouring

Contouring is a great way to reshape your face and create dimensions that can make you look more sculpted. Unfortunately, over contouring tends to include more product that can highlight some of your wrinkles, fine lines, and even make you look older than you really are. To avoid this mistake, try to keep your contouring to a minimum and blend your products well.

5. Over plucking your eyebrows

Similar to contouring, eyebrows help shape your face and can even bring out the natural beauty of your eyes. Unfortunately, over plucking your brows into a thin line can highlight some of your wrinkles and fine lines that you may not be aware of. Over plucking can also make your face look more severe, eventually ageing you without you noticing.

6. Over lining your brows

Filling your brows heavily with dark-colored eyebrow pencil can make it look harsh and too heavy-handed; eventually making you look more cartoonish. For a natural look, use light and feathery strokes when applying eyebrow color. You can also use pencils that are a few shades lighter than your actual hair color to make it look more natural and less harsh.

7. Wearing dark lipstick

Dark lipsticks in shades like mauve, dark reds, and wine shades can accentuate your wrinkles and make you look older especially if they come in matte finish. To avoid chalky looking lipstick, consider using creamy formulas instead with natural lip shades which are generally easier to apply. Natural-colored lipsticks also avoid drawing focus to the wrinkles around your lips. If you must wear dark lipstick, apply a coat of lip balm to soften your lips before carefully applying the color. Finish the look with lip liner for a cleaner finish.

8. Avoid filling in your lower lash line

Filling in your lower lash line with dark eyeliner can make your eyes look smaller and cast a shadow over dark under eye circles. If you love eyeliner, stick to just applying them on your upper eyelids instead. It also helps to avoid applying mascara on your lower lash line since they can streak and accentuate puffy eye bags. To keep a youthful look, dab on some concealer and blend well with a brush.

9. Trying to look younger

Makeup can be used for everyone no matter what race or age you are. However, certain application techniques can make you look older which can leave the wrong impression on others who may not know you very well. While these mistakes are certainly not fatal, they can still be quite embarrassing to deal with especially when you thought your makeup game was on fleek. However, once you learn to laugh and be aware of these mistakes, you can then proceed to bringing out our natural beauty with ease.