Loverbeauty waist trainer

Hello my beauties! Today’s post is all about one of the best websites for shapewear. Let me introduce you to the famous Loverbeauty waist trainer.

As you know, we’be been talking about shapewear quite a lot in the blog. Among glossaries and informative posts, I’ve also dedicated one to the definition of a waist trainer, its types and some recommendations. I’d suggest you to read that post first to have a better understanding on the subject if you’re new to it.

Once you know all the variations of this shapewear, it’s time to find the best waist trainer for your body type and lifestyle. At Loverbeauty* you can find many textures depending on the use you want to give it.


For example, if the purpose of your new waist trainer is to help you while exercising, running or practising any physical activity, then one of these neoprene items would do. They usually come in black combined with some bright color and they look very cool and sporty.

The neoprene lining has good thermogenic results to make you sweat, shed water weight, with an embossed surface that reduces slipping and roll-up during activities.

It also counts with 10 flexible steel bones that provide strong support on your back and waist. And the three large-area adjustable hook and loop fasteners ensure a snug fit on your body. You can also adjust the compression and support to meet your needs.


On the other hand, if your main need when it comes to shapewear is just some tummy control for special occassions, then the Loverbeauty Women’s Moderate Tummy Control Waist Cincher will be perfect.

This waist cincher is made with high elastic mesh plus high elastic lining (78% nylon +22% spandex). It features 9 steel bones for back and waist support. They also provide a firm compression for the tummy area.

The 3 high-elastic-layer mesh offers extra control on the abdomen, while the upper W-shape was designed for chest support. This means you can wear the bra of your choice and it wouldn’t clash with the waist cincher’s design.

Loverbeauty Women's Moderate Tummy Control Waist Cincher

At Loverbeauty you can find the right shapewear for all body types and sizes -from small to plus size waist trainer. With festive gatherings aroud the corner, this is your chance to get a shapewear item!! Loverbeauty is hosting a Holiday sale up to 70% OFF! Check it out!



All images courtesy of LoverBeauty