Lover Beauty shapewear for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and if you want to feel and look your best, maybe it’s the right time to check what’s new in Lover-Beauty shapewear.

The «sexiest day of the year» is almost here and what better way to celebrate it than getting that sensual dress that enhaces your figure and makes a lasting impression for your date.

Say you already have the hottest and most elegant outfit ready for Valentine’s Day, what about elevating it with a little extra help? There’s a whole industry dedicated to giving you that extra dose of confidence: the shapewear industry.


Celebrities have been making use of this secret for decades, wearing even full body shapers under their red carpet looks. Nowadays you can find one that suits your body type and needs for a fair price. Sites like Lover-Beauty have dozens of options ranging from £5 to £19.

You can choose between a variety of fabrics, target areas, colours and compression. The most complete and covered model is Butt Lifting Hooks Straps Full Body Shapewear Breathable.

This 4-in-1 body shaper flattens your tummy, tighthen arms, slims your thighs lifts your butt. It has three layers of control on the tummy area to shape an attractive hourglass figure and 3 rows hook-eye for you to adjust the belly compression you need.

Another great feature is the anti-slip breast support band. The bra can be removable, giving you an option to wear it to enhance chest gathering.

I would wear this with a 3/4 sleeve dress above the knee, or simply a sweater and jeans combo. You don’t have to worry about toilet breaks as it features an open crotch design that makes it easy to go to the bathroom without taking off the body shaper.


If targeting specific areas instead of a full body is more your thing, the butt and/or tummy are usually the areas people are more interested in. A body shaper buttock lifter can make all the difference if that’s your case.

Again, Lover-Beauty has some nice options and you should pick one that fits your lifestyle the most. One of their most popular products in this section is the High Waist Butt Lifter With 2 Side Straps Body Shapewear.

The item comes in black and nude and it’s currently £8.12 at the time of writing this. It’s a perfect example of a shapewear item that covers two main concerns. Its three-layer of fabric on the tummy area enhances the firm hug and create a sleek line.

Just like before, hooks give you the control on how tight you want the shaper to be. The feature that sets this item apart from other butt lifters is the two adjustable side straps stuffed with soft sponges for quick moisture-wicking. This also provides support and prevents roll-up.

These straps make your butt pop and creates an illusion of a fuller, totally lifted butt. Each of them also have hooks for you to adjust based on your comfort and desired look.

Both these items or any of the ones Lover-Beauty has to offer can be your secret ally this Valentine’s Day! Which one would you choose?