Hi lovelies! As you read this I’m just days away from my wedding, as surreal as it sounds even for me! And naturally, for the last year or so, I’ve been indulging myself in the engagement and bridal world to check the trends, the new ideas, and swoon over the gorgeous rings out there.

That’s how I found BBBGem*, a jewelry company that specializes in custom jewelry as well as engagement and wedding rings. What I particularly loved about this brand, is that their designs are so unique and out of the box. Yes, of course, you can find all the classics, but in terms of shapes, stones and colors, the variety here is great.

If your lady likes unique designs, you can surprise her with an opal engagement ring, whether it’s this gorgeous rose gold ring with a protagonist stone in the center, or this crazy and opulent ring set featuring an art deco halo. Don’t worry, though. I said they had the classics too and the last one is an example of a vintage ring with intricate details around the main stone.

Let’s stay in the unusual side. What about an amethyst engagement ring? Extra points if your lover’s birthday is in February, because that’s their official birth stone. As the purple color is a risk per se (that will pay off, of course), I picked more traditional designs such as solitaires or a luxurious-looking white gold and diamond plus amethyst ring.

Last but not least, my last suggestion would be a citrine engagement ring: unique in its color but not as adgy as the amethyst one, these rings can be a perfect middle ground for, say, a fashionista girlfriend. She would appreciate the risk and value the good taste. A stunning Marquise cut ring screams sophistication. But hey, let’s not forget about the unusual designs I was talking about first. Just look at this handmade Filigree Bezel ring! Oh boy, that shape is certainly not for everyone but you can’t deny it looks as gorgeous and unique as you can get. If that was too much for you, then a lovely heart shaped citrine and diamond ring is would be a right pick for you.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these beauties as much as I did! BBBGem has the coolest designs I’ve seen in a while!



All images courtesy of BBBGem