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With winter well and truly here, loungewear is garnering our attention once more. We’re looking for funky little numbers that we can wear around the fire while opening presents and spending time with family.

But what’s hot for 2022? In this post, you’ll find out. Loungewear is no longer considered sloppy. Rather, it’s fast becoming one of the most innovative and celebrated areas of fashion today. Brands are getting in on the action, offering a range of new looks that are just perfect for those long winter days when you really don’t want to go outside.

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Flare Pants

If you thought that flare pants were consigned to ancient history, then think again. The 1970s “groovy” favourite is back, but with a slightly different twist. This time, it’s not flared denim everyone is hunkering after – its soft sheep’s wool instead.

Think of these denim bottoms as the inverse of the classic Christmas jumper. Every year, you have something ultra-seasonal to wear on your upper body; now designers want to do the same for the lower body as well.

Cashmere Robes

If you haven’t tried a cashmere robe on for size before, you’re missing out. The material feels silky soft on your skin – perfect for all-day lounging.

Robes are great for getting out of the bathroom – we all know that. But they also keep you warm when your sweater and slippers aren’t quite enough. They also help layer loungewear outfits, adding a touch of sophistication in the process.


In the middle of winter, the last thing you’re going to be doing is heading over to your local athletics club for some track and field. But that’s not stopping loungewear brands from offering their own version of the classic tracksuit, modified slightly for keeping you warm over the festive period.

Most examples feature block text and highlights on the flanks. Some are crisp white, so make sure that you don’t spill any Christmas pudding on them!


Feathers are luxurious and attention-grabbing. And now brands are including them in their lounge suits.

One idea is to adorn a suit-like black-tie PJ set with feathered sections on the cuffs and ankles. It creates an entirely different look, perfect for staying in.


Velour gets a mixed reception. But thanks to stars like Kim K, it’s a hot loungewear trend for 2022. Everyone loves the deep tan that the fabric poffers.

It’s super comfortable too. Sets are usually available as crop tops with long leggings. Pair outfits with comfortable loafers for mooching around your pad.

Embossed Pants

Embossed material isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it does work well at this time of year, so long as you like how it feels against your skin.

Embossing pants adds sparkle to practically any outfit. It has an uncanny ability to utterly change how you feel, always for the better. Pair it with some sleek, white trainers if you need something to protect your feet from the cold.

So there you have it: loungewear trends 2022. Which idea do you like the most?

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